Tuesday, April 4, 2017

I like animals....

I am going to try to get back into writing on my blog again. The first key is to be disciplined. I am reading a Writer's Devotional and once a week it gives me a writing prompt so what better way to journal. 

This weeks prompt was to write about my pet. So here goes. My all time favorite pet I have ever had was Gyro our pit bull. Unfortunately we no longer have him as he has passed over the rainbow bridge. 

Gyro is the best pet or I should say friend that anyone could ever ask for. In fact he spoiled us for having other pets. Now don't get me wrong he was very spoiled in his own right. I will never forget when we got him. Scott called me at work and told me he was bringing home a pit bull. I told him he was crazy as we had kids. Yes I was one of those people that was not educated and believed everything the media told me like pit bulls are mean and bite a lot. This is so not true. I being the reader that I am did some research and found out that they are not bad dogs rather they have bad owners. Pit bulls were actually a dog that was used as a baby sitter for kids, rescue dogs and in fact Helen Keller had a pit bull and one of the most famous pit bulls is Petey from the Little Rascals. 

When we first got Gyro he was going to be used as a bait dog. Which means he was kept in a kennel and was going to be used to teach other dogs to fight. This was because he was a pure white pit bull but was not able to be bread as he had one testicle that had not dropped. When this poor dog came to our home he had mange, bad ear infection and his teeth were still inside his gums as all he was fed was soft food. He was a scary site but underneath all of that was a pup that was dying to be loved. We took him to a vet and got him all fixed up. 

Little kids loved Gyro. They were allowed to climb all over him and he loved playing tag with them. He never barked. In fact he thought he was a cat and therefore swatted at things when he played and slept between 15-20 hours a day. He was so lovable and would protect his family at all costs. Gyro loved riding in the car but once you got over ten miles an hour he would lay down and take a nap. Such a good dog. 

We were very saddened when one day he got sick and ended up having internal bleeding that could not be stopped. He will always be remembered as one of the best dogs ever.