Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Listers Gotta List - July 6th and 29 Day Writing Challange Day One

July 6th
Hotels/Resorts I want to visit

Biltmore in Asheville
Waldorf-Astoria in New York
The Plaza on 5th Avenue in New York
The Ritz in Paris
Highclere Castle in England
Claridge in London
The Ritz in London
Shelbourne in Dublin
Hotel Bristol in Vienna
Langham in London
Hotel Amigo in Brussels
Ashford Castle in Ireland

Day 1
Your earliest memory

I do not really know what my earliest memory would be but I have lots of fond memories from my childhood. I kind of remember when my brother was born because I had to go to my Grandma Mayberry's house and I got to watch The Wizard of Oz. Another fond memory is sitting on the porch helping my Uncle Craig shelling walnuts and his goose chasing me and "goosing me". Oh and there was the time the drunk indian came to our house and made my mom cry. There was the time that my mom was working and my Uncle David was working and I cut my leg taking the garbage out. When I was in kindergarten I got in trouble from my teacher because I was having trouble tying my shoes so she sent me to another teacher so she could deal with me. These were all memories of when I lived in Nebraska and all before second grade. 

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