Monday, July 4, 2016

It's been awhile...

It has been awhile since I have blogged on here. I always say I want to get back to blogging but like a lot of good intentions it does not happen. For me I always end up spending my spare time reading instead of doing all the other things I talk about. So this time I am going to start small and participate in the Listers Gotta List with The Reset Girl. To join in on your own here is the link to her website . You can also connect with her and many other listers on her Facebook page. Since this is the 4th of July I am going to play a little catch up and post the first four days worth of lists. 

July 1st
My plans for July
Read three books with my book club 
Work on getting ideas on paper for the book I want to write
Get my referrals I need at work
Stay current on pen pal letters 
Create spreadsheet for pen pals
Make my doctor's appointments that need done
Use this blog for writing practice

July 2nd
What I love about summer
Nothing - I live in Florida and summer is too hot
My kids are adults now so we are all working
No family here to celebrate holidays with

July 3rd
Best summer memories
4th of July at Grandma and Grandpas
No school and sleeping in
Laying out in the sun to get a tan
Spending two weeks with Grandma Mayberry

July 4th
My dream road trip destination
Revoluntionary War Sites
Civil War Sites
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Ellis Island
Black Hills

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