Thursday, March 24, 2016

My thoughts

Last night when I was trying to go to sleep my mind started wandering to many different things. So I thought I would take the time to write about what I was thinking of. My random thoughts. 

In my current living condition my parents live with us or we live with my parents - you can look at it either way. But let me tell you either way is not fun for me. Yesterday my husband wanted to take me to lunch to celebrate my getting a job and the kids wanted to go along so off we went to lunch. I enjoyed the time with my family but everytime I leave the house I feel guilty. I have a parent who likes to make remarks to make you feel like you are always doing something wrong unless they are included. You get dirty looks when you leave the house and when you come home you can feel the tension in the air and feel as if you are getting a cold shoulder. You can just being going to a doctor's appointment, to work or to run an errand it does not matter you still get the same treatment. I am tired of living this way and feeling like I am always wrong, a prisioner in my own home, and generally being treated like a bad person. I have given all I can to make the situtation better and there is no helping it. This is the biggest reason I want to move away. So let's hope all goes well and we will be able to move in our two year goal time. 

I have talked about wanting to write a book many times. I keep thinking of ideas in my head that I would like to write about. Last night I was thinking about a book about Paul Revere and/or Benedict Arnold. I guess this comes from buying so many books on American History lately as well as I am reading The First American by H.W. Brands which is about Benjamin Franklin. I have been thinking about finding a book about these two as I have not seen them so how nice it would be if I just wrote the book myself. We see so many stories about George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. But why not a book about the other key players in the American Revolution. 

I have a dream of living in a house in the country. It seems the more I live around people the more I want to live away from people. I do not need much in my home just a place to put my books and a nice garage for Scott. I would also like a nice porch that I could sit and relax on. The kitchen would be nice if it had plenty of counter and cupboard space, also I have always liked the hanging pan idea. In the bathroom I would love a soaker tub and a shower built for two with plenty of showerheads. In the bedroom I would love to have plenty of storage space for our clothes so they are organized neatly. A view of a beautiful landscape would also be nice with a nice yard. I think it would be great to have a home customized just for me. 

All these acts of terror and hating of people is just crazy. I have a pen pal in Bussels and when I heard what happened I was hoping I would be able to contact her to make sure her and her family were safe. Luckily she is safe. I just do not understand why horrible people do these things. It is just like our election this year. If you do not like this person someone hates you to the point they no longer want to be your friend or if you like that person you are a horrible person. If the media would not blow so many things out of proportion then that would help. Also if you do not like someone or what they say do not listen to them. If you do not like something you see on tv, social media or hear on the radio turn the station. No one is forcing you to listen or like things you do not. You have a choice to not watch, listen or read things you do not like so use that choice. If you do not have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all. Be respectful of others views and likes. 

Yesterday I got my first issue of The Happy News in the mail all the way from across the pond (England), I can not wait to read it. I did glimpse  through it and it looks like a nice airplane. They report happy things that happen in the world instead of all bad news like normal media does. I hope this takes off and we see more happy news. I myself do not watch or read the regular news as it is all bad and I do not want to hear it. 

This week has also been a week of books in the mail. Each day I have received at least one or more books in the mail. It is always nice to get free books. I love my books so whenever I see them come in the mail it makes me smile. 

What have you been thinking about lately? I would love to hear about it.