Friday, January 22, 2016

The Circle January 2016 and January Reset Weeks 2 & 3

The Circle Link-Up is hosted by In Its Time Blog along with a different co-host each month. She will send out an email each month with the topic for that month. This month is goals and inspiration moodboards. If you would like to participate and link up please go here

My goals for 2016 are to really follow through with blogging once a week. Another goal is to really connect with my One Little Word - Focus and to learn to live by that word. By learning to focus I am going to really focus on getting a new job. I am working at it harder than I have any other time in my life. I am ready to be back in the working field and getting back out into the world. One of the other things I want to focus on this year is to finally start writing the book I have always dreamed about. Even if I only get started by coming up with my ideas and outlines. A big goal for me for the last two years is to stay on the positive thinking track and get rid of the negatives things in my life. The last thing for me to focus on is to finish things that I start. I have a problem with starting things then letting them go. I need to fix this issue. One thing I have done is to pick a symbol to remember to stay focused whenever I see it. My symbol I chose was a sunflower. The reason I chose this is because it is bright, cheery and always looking up as well as makes me smile when I see them. So what better symbol.  So without futher ado here is my moodboard to keep me focused. 

January Reset Weeks Two and Three
January Reset is a project created by Lemon and Raspberry you can check out her blog here to read more about it and how to do your own reset. Each week there is a different set of journaling ideas to help you along on the journey. So today I am going to focus on week one. #JanuaryReset

Week Two: Right Now:
Right now I'm loving watching Downton Abbey. I am sad to say that this is the last season so I will have to buy the dvd's now. 

Right now I am desiring new books always. There is not a day that goes buy when I do not find a new book I want to get. 

Right now I am feeling hopeful. I have been applying for jobs left and right and have sent out over fifty resumes so I am hoping to get a call from one. 

Right now I am wishing that things will work out sooner rather than later so we can make the move to a new state like we want to.  

Right now I am thinking about the book I am reading (Me Before You by JoJo Moyes), the tv show I am watching, my family, bills, and projects I want to start and finish. 

Right now I am needing to take a mini vacation. This last year we skipped my birthday, anniversary and pretty much Christmas. So I would like to take a break and go away to relax and forget my worries for a few days. 

Right now I am dreaming about the trip to Europe that I have wanted to take for a long time now. There are many places I want to see and experience while visiting those beautiful countries. 

Week Three: Goals:
A personal goal for this year is for me to remain focused on things that I want to accomplish in my life. Stay positive, finish projects, find a job, just to name a few.

A work goal for this year is to actually find a job. I am currently looking for a job that will fit me. It is time that I get back into the working world and I am more than ready. 

A health goal for this year is to cut out more of the foods that are bad for me. I was doing good on no sweets but have stumbled on that road so I need to get back on track. I would also like to stop with the potato chips, they are my downfall. 

A realtionship goal is to not be so nagging. Sometimes I tend to pick at things that really have no meaning and then start fights. I need to learn to let things go. 

A "build my future" goal for this year is to start writing my dream book. If I can just get started then it will a dream come true. 

A friendship goal for this year is to find a good friend. I have some great pen pals and some great freinds from my online book club but unfortunately I do not have any "real" life in person friends and would like to have someone to go do things with sometimes. 

A home goal for this year would be to fix the roof so there is no more minor leaking. My real goal is to move to Colorado and away from here but that will have to wait a couple of years. 

Saturday, January 9, 2016

January Rest - Week One

January Reset is a project created by Lemon and Raspberry you can check out her blog here to read more about it and how to do your own reset. Each week there is a different set of journaling ideas to help you along on the journey. So today I am going to focus on week one. #JanuaryReset

Wins for 2015 - I took a leap of faith and quit my job that was causing me a lot of misery so I am going to consider that a win in my book. Another win for us last year is that we had a lot of family come to visit us. My niece Kayla and her husband Tyler came the first part of June, My niece Brianna and her boyfriend Chase came two weeks later. Even though we got to see each of them for one day it was such a pleasure to get to see them. Then my mother in law, grandma and sister in law came to visit in October. We love them so much and had a nice visit. The last visit we had was from my sister, her husband and two little ones in November. It was such a treat to see the little ones and how much they have grown. We gained a new furbaby this last year as well. Her name is Sissy and she is a great dog. 

Loses for 2015 - Not only was it a win for me to quit my job but it was also a loss as the loss of income has made things a little tight for us but we are managing. I would also have to say I lost someone who I thought was going to be a good friend to me. When I left my job one of the ladies who I thought was a good friend said we should stay in touch. I tried but I got tired of it being one sided as well as her not answering text messages or phone calls. It was actually kind of hurtful to me. But life goes on. A big loss we had in our family was weight. My daughter had gastric bypass surgery and as of today has lost 80 pounds. We are very proud of her. Luckily I can not think of any other losses for the year so if there were they must not have been life changing. 

Goals I reached in 2015 - I did not really set any goals for 2015 but I did participate in the One Little Word project by Ali Edwards and I stuck with the project. Another thing I completed last year was I was given a day by day journal and I have to say everyday has a passage. I will admit that I missed some days and then I would play catchup though, but I finished it by the end of the year and that is the main goal. 

I wish I'd had been a little more positive in 2015. I started off the year being very positive and goal oriented with my dreams but as the year went on I seemed to get a little down. It has been hard looking for a job and sending out resume after resume but never hearing one word from anyone. With not having a job money has been tight and things have gotten behind so you tend to get a little down at times. I have done pretty good for the most part with staying positive but I had my slips with some things. 

People who helped me in 2015 - I would have to say first and foremost my husband. If not for him and his supporting me I would not have been able to quit my job nor have had the courage to stand up for myself. The next person who helped me would be my daughter, she is one of the most supportative people in my life. She can make me smile and we can also have a good cry together. I am very proud to call her my daughter. My son has also been helpful with things and learned to step up with some things I needed him to. He is a good son to have. 

This year, I need to cut out all the self doubt and negativity. Two years ago I used the word change as my word of the year as I wanted to change and become a better person. I am on the path to doing this and it is an ongoing journey. I tend to have a low self esteem and doubt myself when trying to make decisions about things I want to do. This year I want not doubt that I am not good enough for a good job, good enough to find a friend, good enough to write my dream book and good enough for anything I put my mind to. Negativity is such horrible thing in the world right now especially with all the political ads going on. Each day I battle closing my mind to all the negative things around me, whether it be other's negative thoughts, negative stories in the media or thinking things will not change. But this year will be my year of more positive then negative in my life. 

This year, I need to add happiness. Not only do I want to be happy but I want to remain a positive thinking person. If you learn to look at the positive side of things then you can and will become a more positive person which is what I plan to do from here on out. I am also positive that I will find the job I want and need which will also make me a happy person for so many reasons. This will be a year of happiness for me and hope you as well. 

Monday, January 4, 2016

A new year, new goals

Ok so I am a little behind. Originally I wanted to do this post last Friday but as they say better late than never. 

This is a new year and time to set some new goals for myself. One of my goals is to post on a regular basis on my blog. The thing I need to remember is this is not a chore this is fun, a way to journal, a way to get things off my chest, a way to express myself and a way to have fun. My goal is to do a post every Friday. It may be something as simple as a list from the listing challenge I take part in or something more in depth like a post regarding my One Little Word project. 

Another goal I have to really focus on my One Little Word project. The word I chose for this year is focus. You will hear more about this project and word later in a future post. One Little Word is a project created by Ali Edwards. I liked the word focus as it will help me to stay on track with things I want to get done this year. Staying focused will become a daily action for me this year. 

One of the next goals I have to remain positive. Staying positive is not always as easy as it seems. When things are going a little rough I need to remember that it will not last long and better things are on the horizon. 

I would also like to focus on getting a new job this year. The job I currently have is not a bad job but it is just too physically demanding for me. I would like to have a job that fits me better. For me I have had a dream for a long time to write a book. So this year I would like to start focusing on making that happen. Even if it is just getting ideas together on what I want to write about. 

This will be a big year for me but it will also be a good year and I am looking forward to what I have planned for myself.