Thursday, September 24, 2015

The job I wish I had ...

Do you have your dream job? Do you wish you would have chosen a different career path then you did? Well you are not alone. Many people myself included think you want one job take that job and then find out that is not what you wanted to do or maybe you had to take the job that was available to you at them so you could make a living. So I got to thinking about this and what job or jobs I would have liked to do instead of what I chose. 

I chose to be a paralegal because for one I wanted to be a person who did research in a law office to help the attorneys and for two I thought the law was an interesting field but I knew I was not cut out to be an attorney. So I chose the next best thing. Now 20 plus years later I wish I would have chosen something else. 

My first choice of a job that I wanted to be was a mechanic like my dad. But I saw my dad struggle financially through my childhood and thought a paralegal would be a better paying job. It would be if you live in a large city or landed the right job. I was not so lucky to get the right paralegal job. I liked the idea of being a mechanic as I enjoyed being around cars and all things about them. I grew up going to cars shows, my dad raced the family car when I was very young, my mom's cousin had a drag race car so for me cars were in my blood. 

My second choice of a job I thought about when I was deciding what to do was a teacher. There were a few things that kept me from pursuing this choice. The first being I did not have the funds to go to school for that, I was married with a newborn and this was just not an option for me at the time. The other reason being that I did not want to be told what part of history I had to teach. The main thing I wanted to teach was history as that is a love of mine, but then I thought I could teach little kids but then just did not have the confience to pursue it. So that dream kept on being a dream in my head. 

Now that I am older there are a few other jobs that I would consider a dream job but would not have thought about them when I was younger. I guess my interests have changed in life. 

I was watching a show about the Luisatana one night and listening to the archelogist. I have also seen other shows where archelogist have dug up historical artifacts. For me this would be a cool job it not only satisifies my love of history but the joy of finding treasures and the fun of traveling to many parts of the world. Of course I know there is more to this job than just digging in the dirt but these are the parts of it that are appealing to me. 

One of my interests that have changed in life is that I find interior decorating and designing very interesting. It would be nice to spend other people's money to go shopping to buy nice things to make houses into inviting homes. I really enjoy watching the shows on HGTV where they redesign, redecorate and restore the homes. Some of my idols from these shows are Nicole Curtis, Chip and Joanna Gaines and the Property Brothers. I also get their magazine and like to dream about the things I would do to houses. 

Another job that sounds fun to me is a wedding planner. Just imagine you getting to makes women's dreams come true. The downside to that job for me would be dealing with all the bridezillas and working nights and weekends. It is still fun to dream about. 

The last job that I am going to talk about but certaintly not the least in my book is an author. This is a job that I am in the very near future will be working towards. My love of books will be helping me with this goal. I have always wanted to write a book and I think it is time for it to happen. 

What are some of your dream jobs?

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  1. Haha, when I was younger I came up with three different dream jobs and they all started with an M (in german): Malerin (Artist), Musicaldarstellerin (Musical actress - until I realised I can't sing, dance or act) and then of course Meeresbiologin (Marine biologist) which is the one I'm still working on ;) There was also a small phase where I wanted to be a goldsmith and make jewellery until my parents took me to this gemstone region in Germany (Idar Oberstein) and I talked to a goldsmith there and was told that this job would have no future anymore.