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One Little Word (DREAM) - August and Grateful 3

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For the month of August our activity revolved around gratitude. This is something that we should all think of more often - what are we grateful. 

What is the thing I am most thankful for in my life right now?
I am thankful that I have a husband and kids who support and love me no matter what is going on. I am also thankful for my health. Some people have more struggles and worries than I do so my everyday life is something to be thankful for. I have a home, income, food to eat and entertainment in the form of a phone, books, TV and a computer. 

What is something silly I am thankful for?
I am thankful for my books. My books are more than just entertainment to me. They allow me to travel to far off places and times when I have no where to go. They give me comfort when I am scared. They give make me feel better when I am having a bad day. They generally give me a feeling of security. They give me enjoyment when I look at my full shelves. 

What is something I'm experiencing right now that is challenging or hard that I can express gratitude for as a means of growth?
This is a hard one but I am going to say that living with my parents is a big challenge. I am thankful I still have my parents and am grateful that they are here to help us out when we need. I need to look past mom's negativity and dad's annoying quirks and remember the good things. At times it is hard but with work I can learn to overcome this and always look for the good. 

Who specifically in your family can you be thankful for right now? Has someone extended themselves recently or shown you a kindness?
The first person in my family I am thankful for is my grandma. She may have passed away nine years ago but I was close to her and now I feel even closer to her. I talk to her everyday to help me understand things and to be able to talk about things that are bothering me. The other person I am thankful for is my daughter. SHe has shown me what a great young woman she is becoming by setting some goals for herself that were not easy, made some hard decisions and is sticking to them. I am proud of her. I will always be thankful for my husband as well as he is my biggest supporter. My sister has shown me a kindness by helping out financially without being asked, I am grateful for what she did for me this month. 

What is an everyday thing in your line of sight right now that you are thankful for?
Since I have already mentioned my books I will say my TV and computer. Both of these provide me with entertainment as well as teach me things. I have shows I watch for pure entertainment but I also watch a lot of things on HGTV, History Channel and the Discovery Channel all of these have shows that can teach while entertain. As for my computer I use it for communication with family, friends and for business. It is also used for entertainment when going on social sites. When I was young we did not have home computers, the internet was not heard of and satellite TV was for the wealthy, now we "can't" live without them. 

What are some other things you are grateful for?
I am grateful for this project to help me to take a deep look into my dreams and live to see what they each mean to me. 

I am grateful that we are allowed to follow our dreams and to change the way we think to make them come true. 

I am grateful for the many great childhood memories I have. When I am having a down day it is a good thing to look back on to bring me back up.

I am grateful for my pen pals. They allow me to be myself, voice my opnions and talk about what I want to without judging me. I am also getting to learn about new cultures and customs as most of my pen pals are from foreign countries. For me this is a great way to make friends as I tend to be an introvert. 

Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

I am going to join in on Ember Grey's linkup where you write what you are grateful each day this week. Be sure to stop by her site if you would like to join in.

Today I am grateful for the couple of hours that I will have to myself. The kids are sleeping, Scott is at work and my parents are in town at an appointment. Sometimes I just like my alone time to de-stress. It helps me to relax and just enjoy the quiet which I crave on a daily basis. 

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