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One Little Word DREAM - June

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I let myself get a couple of months behind with my One Little Word project and it was because I let stress get to me and therefore just let this project fall by the wayside. Instead I chose to do more reading and less writing or working on my project. For awhile I felt as if I chose the wrong word and was thinking about choosing a new word and therefore start the entire project over. Then I decided that even though life has thrown some curve balls at me I really want to stick to my work as it can really be a sort of therapy to me to remember that I can still have dreams, focus on dreams and work towards my dreams even though I have stressful things going on around me. I can use this as an escape. 

The month of June's activiity is to fill out a question and answer worksheet. I feel confident that this will be just what I need to get back on track. 

In one or two words your OLW experience so far has been - 
When I first started this project I was so excited and felt as if I was actually getting more out of it this year than I did last year. Then I took a break. I was able to follow one dream and thought it would lead immediately to another which it did not for two reasons. Life got in the way and my self confidence was not where it should be. So now I am back at it and feel as if the whol experience has been fulfilling and good for me. 

What has surprised you most so far this year?
The fact that I have been able to dig more deeply to connect with my word (Dream) than I have in the past. 

What are you most proud of related to your word?
The fact that I was able to follow a dream that took some courage for me. I dreamed of quitting my job as it was not a good place for me to be emotionally. It was a place that really brought me down and was a very negative atmosphere. I was afraid if I quit I would be a failure and my family would suffer due to the lose of my income. My family actually helped to encourage me to leave the job as they could see what it was doing to me. Since leaving we have adjusted to the income change and now I am here when my family needs me and this year it has been a lot. So I am glad that I made the decision to leave a negative environment. 

Three things you've enjoyed about this word:
- learning to follow my dreams
- deciding what my dreams really are
- being open to new journeys

Three challenges you've faced related to your word: (what's been difficult, what's been toucher than you expected)
- having the courage to follow a dream
- keeping on track to follow the dream
- remembering that all will be ok and work out for the best

Has this word had an impact on your relationship with others? (family, friends)
Yes my word has had an impact on my family especially. They stood behind me in my dream to quit my job, support me while I look for a new job, and encourage me to follow my other dream of writing a book. I would have to say it also impacted one friend. At work I had become very good friends with one lady. In fact it was someone that I felt close to and actually was the only reason I looked forward to going to work was so we could visit. When I left my job she talked about how we would stay in touch and get together occasionally. Well that has not happened at all. I have tried contacting her more than one time and she does not respond. She has a couple of times sent me a message and when I respond to her she does not respond back. So I have lost what I thought was a very good friend. 

Often in his process there are companion words that join us on our walk with our words. Are there any specific words that keep popping up in your journey this year?
I have a few companion words that I think about often. In fact I have thought about doing this project for those words as well. If nothing else one of these words may be a word for a future year. My words are: focus, courage, happiness and positivity. 

Have you developed any specific practices related to your word? Do you have something you say to yourself over and over or an action you take to help your actions in alignment with your word?
I  find myself thinking of my word quite often and how I can use it use it every day. One of my dreams I really want to do is to write a book. I have not started yet and I htink it is a feat thing, but I keep telling myself that I can do this. I just need to have the confidence to start. I buy books to help me find inspiration and encouragment as well as I am always looking on the internet for things to help me out. I keep telling myself you can do this - you got it. 

What is stopping you from fully embaracing your word and your intentions for yourself this year?
The biggest thing for me is a fear of failure. I think that if I do not follow my dreams the right way things will not turn our. I also think I need to learn to have more confidence in myself to do all I want to do. 

What one specific action will you take this month to move you forward?
Listen - Listen to my heart, listion to my mind, listen to all who are encouraging me. Once I start listening then I can start doing the things I am dreaming of. 

Three things you'd like to accomplish by the end of the year:
- begin writing 
- find a job I like
- have more confidence in myself

Anything else you want to document about your word right now. 
When I first started on my journey with the word dream I was not sure what to expect but I knew I was excited that this word chose me. But as I have progressed on this journey I feel as if this word has made me look deeper at things I want to do in life. 

Other thoughts to consider-

What are you currently feeding yourself - emotionally, visually and by your senses?
I would have to say I try to feed myself positive thoughts and sayings. I am also feeding myself with doses of encouragment whether it be by telling myself I can do this or by just talking about it and having others give me encouragement. 

What limiting statement are you repeating and what can you replace those with instead? (replace the negative with the positive)
I think what if no one likes what I write when I should be thinking about what if people like what I write. I think what happens if our move does not happen and should be thinking I can't wait for this move to happen. I think I can't when I should think I can. 

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