Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Circle - Summer Staples

I have been missing The Circle Monthly Linkup hosted by Kiki at In Its Time and it is time I get back in the groove of things. This month's theme is Summer Staples. This is all about what you need to survive the summer.  If you want to link up just stop by In Its Time.

I know I am late in getting this post up but I have been stuck in a rut and just have not know what to blog about so I just did not do anything. So I am trying to get back into the swing of things here. 

We are in the thick of summer here in Florida and let me tell you it has been extremely hot and humid here. So much so that you don't even want to go outside. In the summer I don't really do anything special or different than I do the rest of the year so I will make an attempt at listing my summer staples. 

Summer in Florida means lots of sunburns if you can't handle to sun so a big staple when hitting the beach or spending the day outside is sunscreen. 

Another big staple here in swamp land is mosquito spray. I for one hate bug sprays, they way they smell and the way they feel, not to mention all the chemicals they have in them. So I have been doing my research and have found that lavender repels mosquitoes. In fact I have read some reviews that JR Watkins Lavender Body Oil Mist works. I love the smell of lavender so I jumped right on ordering some of it. The true test for me to see if it works will be this weekend when we have a cookout. I sure hope it works. 

My biggest summer staple is books to read. This should have probably been at the top of my list as it is the thing I need the most to survive. 

What do you need for your summer staples? 


  1. Mosquito bites and sunburns are the worst! I hope you've been bite and sunburn free so far this summer! :)

    And I'm all about reading during the summer, especially late at night!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. I love the smell of lavender also! =)

    My Summer Staples include reading, ice cream and A/C and my Tower Fan in my living room.

  3. bug spray and sunblock are staples with me too!

    I've nominated you for a liebster award on my blog.