Thursday, May 28, 2015

One Little Word - May 2015

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For the month of May our creative prompt was to use the words I AM and describe how your word is working right now in your life and who you are at this moment. 

I am dreaming of things I want to do in my life. I am starting to collect things that will help me in my biggest dream of writing a book. To start I am doing more journaling and blog writing to get me into the practice of writing I want to start a dream journal to keep track of the dreams I want to work towards completing. 

One of the big things I want to work on is focusing on my dreams. A big challenge for me at this point is to focus. I have had a lot of things happen this year that have tried to knock me off track and I really need to buckle down and focus on all my dreams. One way I am learning to focus is by researching ideas to go with my dreams and reading books on my dream subjects or as inspiration. 

I am trying to be open to new ideas and ways to accomplish my dreams. I am learning to start small and work towards the bigger goals. I need to remember that not all dreams can or will happen over night, I must be open to working hard to accomplish all of my dreams. Being open can lead to many new opportunities and ideas. 

I am learning to be open to dreaming with my eyes wide open. I am also learning about new ways to write, learning to focus, learning to relax and learning to be more open minded. When you are wanting to tackle dreams you need to be open to learning, if you don't certain dreams may never happen. You should learn at least one new things a day. 

I am a work in progress. This means exactly what it says - I am not perfect and need to learn as I go, make changes as needed, be open to new ideas and be patient. I am an ever changing person as life throws new things at me. 

I am trying to learn, trying to be open, trying to dream, trying to focus, trying to be myself, and trying to stay positive. Every day you must try - do not give up. No matter what it is just remember you can accomplish it if you just keep trying. 

For me this is a good one. I need to remember that no matter what others say, do or think I am worth it. It is important to remember that to keep myself in the positive thinking mode. 

I am hopeful that my dream will come true with a little work and faith. I am hopeful that I can change and stay on the positive path of life. I am hopeful that I can try what ever I want and succeed at it. I am hopeful that I will always be able to think of new dreams. Never stop being hopeful. 

I am me. This kind of goes along with all I have been writing about in this lesson and may even repeat myself a second or third time. but I need to repeat so I will always remember. I am me and no one can change me to be something I do not want to be. I am happy with who I am, I have my own ways of dreaming and thinking and that is ok. Dream with my eyes wide open and be me. 

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