Friday, May 1, 2015

Every Day in May - Day 1 - Your family right now

This is a project started by Life Behind the Purple Door. She has posted an idea for a blog post everyday in May. I thought it would be a good idea so I am going to join in. If you would like to join in as well you can go to her site at Life Behind the Purple Door and see the list of ideas. 

Your family right now

My family does not like having their pictures taken, but in February we got a new dog and of course everyone had to have their picture taken with the new puppy. We believe in adopting and saving a life for animals, so Sissy is a rescue puppy and will be one year this month. 

This is me. Right now I am trying not to be stressed about things I can not control. I love my family and try to do all I can for them. 

This is my husband Scott. Right now he is getting ready to have foot surgery on the 27th and this is after recovering from a car accident in March. He is also doing all he can to give his family what they want and need. 

This is my son Matthew. He is a great son to have and will be 23 on the 7th as well as just started a new job. He has not had a job for over a year so he is excited about it. 

This is my daughter Rachel. She is great daughter to have. At this time she is going to school to be a vet's assistant and has straight As. We are very proud of her and call her the animal whisperer. 


  1. Popping over from Cate's blog - great look at your family & so lucky that the new dog gave you an opportunity to get a photo of each of them earlier this year!

    1. Thank you - I am making them take their picture today to send the their grandmas for Mother's Day too.