Sunday, May 3, 2015

Every Day in May - Day 3 - Share a quote and why it is your favorite

This is a project started by Life Behind the Purple Door. She has posted an idea for a blog post everyday in May. I thought it would be a good idea so I am going to join in. If you would like to join in as well you can go to her site at Life Behind the Purple Door and see the list of ideas. 

Share a quote and why it is your favorite

I have two quotes/sayings that are my favorite. One is Keep Calm and Carry On. This is a favorite of mine because it reminds me that I need to stay calm when things are upsetting me and that I can carry on. Things will get better. 

This quote reminds me that I need to Live well - don't let things get to me as much as the do and enjoy the little things in life, Laugh often - laugh at your mistakes and laugh at the good things, they say laughter is the medicine so remember to take your dose, and Love much - remember you are loved by many and tell the ones you love that you do so they don't have to wonder they know. 

I collect quotes and have a book that I keep them in as well as I have a Pinterest board for them. If you would like to follow me here is the link My sayings Pinterest board (click here)

What is your favorite saying?


  1. ooh, another collector of quotes! I thought I was all on my own with that little quirk.

    1. Oh no Cate - I love quotes. Thank you for stopping by