Thursday, May 21, 2015

Every Day in May - Day 20 and 21 - Where I work and Review your camera

This is a project started by Life Behind the Purple Door. She has posted an idea for a blog post everyday in May. I thought it would be a good idea so I am going to join in. If you would like to join in as well you can go to her site at Life Behind the Purple Door and see the list of ideas.

Where I work
Right now I am not working outside of the home so I really don't have a place I work. I do blogging each morning in and I do that from my living room. In the evenings I have been helping my husband with his side jobs so then I work in our backyard in the garage. Here is a view from where I sit in my living room.

Review you camera
I do not carry a camera with me other than my Iphone. If I see something I want a picture of then I can just snap it with my phone and I think it takes good pictures. I recently got a new phone so I do not have many pictures on my phone yet. Here is one of the few pictures on my phone:

This is Sissy our dog we rescued in February. She turns one this month and is a catahoula/ridgeback mix. she is a very loving dog. 

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