Monday, April 6, 2015

Traveling to Fictional Towns - Ultimate Blog Challenge - April 2015

I enjoy reading books and in many of the books I read there are some great little towns that we would all like to visit or live in. In this post I am going to touch on a few of them that are my favorites.

Let's start by visiting Icicle Falls, Washington. Icicle Falls is the setting of Sheila Roberts books in the Icicle Falls series. To learn more about the town you can visit Sheila's Place (click here). Let me tell you a little about the town. It is in the valley of the Cascade Mountains. There are many little shops that you can visit like Sweet Dreams Chocolate the Tea Shop, Gingerbread Haus Bakery and the Lodge on Holly Road where you stay when you come to visit. Be sure to stop in the Breakfast Haus for a delicious meal. Sweet Dreams also hosts an annual chocolate festival. There are a great number of people that you can meet while visiting this quaint little town full of friendship.

A view of the street in Icicle Falls

Next lets got to Virgin River, California. Virgin River is the setting of just one of Robyn Carr's great series. This town is set in upstate California nestled in the mountains. The town is centered around Jack's bar, where everyone stops in for a cold drink, nice meal and a good chat. Everyone in this town is very friendly and supportive of each other. Once you stop in this town you don't want to leave. Everyone looks out for each other here and have created a nice close knit family. Virgin River is where you go to get away from it all. There are not big stores or restaurants. You have Jack's Bar, the church and the doctor's officer. If you want you can also go down the mountain into the valley and visit Grace Valley which is a little bigger town but still just as nice. Grace Valley has the restaurants and shops. 

The first book in both series

A new town I am learning about is Thunder Point, Oregon. So far I can see that this is also one of those cute little towns where people help each other out and are always there for each other. To find out about these three towns you can visit Robyn Carr's website (click here). On her website you can learn about the towns as well as the characters from Virgin River, Grace Valley and Thunder Point. 

A view from Thunder Point

I am a fan of cozy mystery books and let me tell you all the towns that these series are set in are all places that you love to live in. They are all quaint little towns that have interesting characters and fun little shops. Here are a few of my favorites:

Jenn McKinlay has a great little series called A Library Lovers Series and these book are set in Briar Creek.  Another fun series by Jenn is the Cupcake Bakery series, while I don't remember the name of this town the series is set around the Fairy Tale Cupcakes. To check out these two series stop by Jenn's website (click here)

The first in both series

Laura Childs has three series out but at the moment I have only read one and it is the Scrapbooking Mystery series that is set in New Orleans. The characters in this book have made their part of town a quaint little part of town you would love to visit. To learn more about her series visit Laura's website (click here)

The first book in the scrapbooking series

Next let's stop by the Enchanted Village created by Heather Blake for her Wishcraft mystery series. This little town is full of people who can work their "magic" as needed. I am sure you will love this town. 

The first in the Wishcraft series

Another great town created by Heather is Hitching Post, Alabama. This is the setting for her Magic Potion series. Many people come to this town to get married but there is also a few shops that will give you potions for anything you made need them for. You can stop by Heather's website (click here) to read more about these towns and books. 

The first in the Magic Potion series

One last one I am going to mention today is Lorna Barrett's Booktown mystery series. This series is set in Stoneham, New Hampshire. There a few shops you can visit while here. Stop by Haven't Got a Clue - mystery bookstore and pick up fun mystery, Cookery and Booked for Lunch to pick up a new cookbook with some great recipes, the Patissere for some delicious baked goods, By Hook or Nook, Happy Domestic or Armchair Tourist.  To read more about this town the book in this series stop by Lorna's website (click here)

The first in the Booktown series

I hope you find these towns enjoyable. Is there a town you have read about you would like to visit?


  1. Fun post - I feel like curling up with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate. I grew up in a small quaint town and can't get enough of visiting them - in person or by diving into a good book.

  2. Booktown! yeah! I NEED to go there :D :D :D