Saturday, April 4, 2015

Ten Reasons I'm an Introvert - Ultimate Blog Challenge - April 2015

Introvert: (noun): a person that turns their thoughts inward: a person that recharges with introspection. 

I never really thought of myself as an introvert but after reading a post on the Nerd Nest by Megan I realized that I am very much an introvert. To read her post about her ten reasons she is introverted please visit her blog at The Nerd Nest (click here)

1) I prefer to be by myself or with one friend than in a large group

2) I need and enjoy my solitude and quiet time

3) I would rather be reading

4) I am shy and have a hard time making friends

5) Hectic activities make me nervous, uneasy and sometimes angry

6) I often feel alone in a crowd

7) I have an old soul or have been told so

8) I notice details that others may not

9) I always sit at the end of a bench never in the middle

10) I have been told I am too intense

I have recently read a few things about introverts that have also lead me realize that this is me. I am not ashamed to admit it, in fact I feel better knowing it. Now I know there is a reason for the way I am and it is not just me being anti-social like some people think. People do not understand that it is hard for me to go to activities where there are a lot of people or it is loud and I don't know anyone. I feel very out of place and uncomfortable. Are you an introvert of extrovert? 

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  1. I always thought that I was an introvert because I can't tolerate crowds and lots of noise and sensory stimulation. Also, I used to be very shy. On the other hand, I don't like being alone and I enjoy group activities. It turns out that I am an extrovert because I get my energy from the outside world! I also found out that I have auditory processing disorder, hyperacusis, and sensory processing disorder, so, for me, crowds and noise and too much chaos are painful overstimulation. Hmmmm.