Monday, April 20, 2015

Tea - My favorite drink

Today I want to talk a little bit about tea. I know not a very exciting subject right? Last year I found out I have a severe acid reflux problem as well as a small hiatal hernia. Since I have received this diagnosis I found out there are things in my diet that I had/have to get rid of. One of the things was pop. I used to only drink Coke and nothing else. It has now been over a year since I have totally given up any and all pop. I have also found out that I can't have many juices or any caffeine, so I have had to find different things to drink. One of my favorite drinks now is iced tea. I prefer to drink my tea cold and have found that most teas can be made into iced tea. Every time I go into a new store I look for new decaf teas for me to try. So let's begin our tea journey. 

The history of tea:
Tea was first discovered in China and has since been quenching thirsts worldwide. It is not only one of the most popular beverages it is one of the healthiest. There is a legend that tea was discovered around 2737 BC by the emperor of China and was used for medicinal purposes. During the Zhou Dynasty tea was used as a religious offering. Next around 202 AD tea plants were scarce and only the royalty and rich drank it. Around 618 more tea plants were found so tea drinking became more popular. In the 17th century tea came to England. To read more about the history of tea you can check out Teavana (click here). There is an interesting article there which is where I received the information above. 

Healthy benefits of tea:
Drinking can actually be very healthy for you.  So let's touch on a few of those. It can help reduce the risk of a heart attack, it is high in antioxidants which can help battle cancers, lower the risk of Parkinson's Disease, etc. Teas are also good for you when you have an upset stomach especially mint tea. Chamomile tea can also help to calm you before bed. I would like to share a couple of websites that can tell you more about the great benefits of tea. Healthland (click here) Webmd (click here) Life Hacker: Why tea is so healthy (click here)

Where to buy your tea:
I have a couple of online stores where I like to buy my teas as they offer many choices for decaf teas. In my hunt for teas I have found that the major retail stores do not carry a very good variety when it comes to decaf. There is also a store in my town that sells only British products and they have some good teas there. The English Tea Store (click here) sells many different types of teas and tea products. They have reasonable prices and some pretty nice tea products. Stash Tea (click here) offers many different flavors of their brand of tea. They also sell some tea ware if you are interested. 

My favorite teas:
Some of my favorite teas come from Stash Tea. A few of my favorites are lavender, peppermint herbal, mellow moments, Christmas eve, and pumpkin spice. My standby teas are Irish Breakfast, English Breakfast, White, Black and Green teas. All the tea I drink is decaf or caffeine free. Twinings Teas, Tazo and Celestial Seasonings also offer a nice variety of caffeine free teas. Here are the links to their websites: Twinings USA Twinings of London Tazo Celestial Seasonings I like to drink my iced and sometimes I add just a splash of organic agave syrup to sweeten it up a touch. If I am not feeling well then I will have a cup of hot tea to sooth the throat or stomach.  My preference for making my tea is to buy my tea already bagged over loose teas. I then steep my tea for about five minutes then put in a pitcher in the fride so it is ready when I need a new glass. 

How about you? Do you like your tea hot or cold, sweet or unsweet? What is your favorite flavor of tea?


  1. Hi there Angela.. I am so happy you are drinking tea. It's so so good for you. I also hope that you are feeling a lot healthier and all that jazz. I love tea as well with one of my favorites being Green tea. I remember once upon a time when the taste would make me gag but now I love it. Amazing how your taste buds change.

  2. I am not much of a tea drinker myself but I have some tea fanatic friends... I am going to share this with them! I will say I drink tea when I am sick. I add essential oils (peppermint, lavender, lemon, and some other blends) to give the healing properties an extra boost! It really is a healthy option over coffee and soda! Thank you so much for sharing!!