Thursday, April 9, 2015

Raising Kids - Ultimate Blog Challenge - April 2015

For me raising my kids has been one of the hardest jobs I have ever had but yet one of the most rewarding jobs. When I found out I was pregnant with my first child I was scared and excited at the same time. Growing up I had always said I would not get married nor have kids. Well I ended up marrying in 1989 and had my first child in 1992 and my second child in 1995. I will never regret having my two kids. I was blessed with a son and a daughter. 

One the day I had my son I was so scared that I did not know what to do. But I have done what I think is a good job in raising him. My husband and I did not want him to be an only child so we planned on having a second child. We were lucky to have our daughter as when we found out we were pregnant with her we were told we would lose here within a few days as I had a massive blood clot the size of a softball. Well after bed rest for nine month, being very ill, and losing lots of weight instead of gaining like most pregnant women. I delivered a healthy daughter. At that time we deicded two was enough for us as we had our son and daughter. 

I look back now on my kids childhood and I think it was easier to raise the kids when the were young compared to teenagers and young adults. I have been a very lucky mother and my kids have never been in trouble with the law, never did drugs or stole anything, they don't lie to me and can talk to me about anything they want. But this was not without a lot of hard work on all our parts. 

When they were babies and toddlers they were so precious and fun to have around. When they were in grade school they were starting to learn who they were which was also somewhat fun to watch. Then when they became teenagers that is when all hell broke loose. Now I am being funny in saying that as it was not that bad. What was hard for me was to watch my son not be motivated to do good in school and become lazy with his grades and watch my daughter be bullied to the point we had to change her schools. Now there were fun times during that time as well homecoming for my son and choir concerts for my daughter.

Both of my kids have now graduated from high school, my son from college and my daughter is now in college. But the worrying and parenting does not stop there. My son is a hermit and it is hard for a mother to see this happen and not knowing how to help or what to do about it. My daughter is doing good and has goals for her life. Sometimes I wonder did I fail my son, was I too easy on him, is there something else I could have done to help him in life? 

I love my children to death and would not change anything about my experiences with them. One day when they decided to have children of their own I hope they come to me for advice. I am sure they will pass down all the good things I taught them and their kids will be just as good of people as mine are. 

Do you have any kids? What do you think of your experience in raising them?


  1. Well Angela, I do not have any children (by choice) and I so commend you on your parenting. I know it can't be easy, that's why I never had the nerve. You can't give them back once they're here. I know having your husband to help is a blessing. I see so many single mothers these days and that has to be twice as hard. God Bless You. I pray that your children appreciate you both.

  2. Thank you for your post, Angela.
    It's wonderful to see committed parents! I wasn't able to bear any children to term so it didn't work out for me but I love to watch and hear about others parenting experiences.
    It sounds like you had a rewarding time with them and you protected and cared for them the best way you could.
    Great job!