Wednesday, April 8, 2015

One Little Word - Dream - March 2015

Image credit to Ali Edwards. You can check out her website and learn more about One Little Word by clicking here

I have to admit I am a month behind with my one little word project. For some reason I was having trouble with the prompt this last month. But today I am going to tackle it. 

How are you connected (or not) to your word right now? Why?
I started out this year being very connected with my word and then during the month of March I felt like I become not so connected to my word. My word is DREAM. When the year started I felt as if I was going to live out some of my dreams the first being quitting a job I hate and to begin writing more. Then in March Scott was in a car accident and it just seemed as if one bad thing after another happened so there were setbacks and bad feelings. Now that that month is gone I want to reconnect with my word. So to get me started on writing I have joined a challenge to write a blog post each done for the month of April. I have done pretty good so far and only missed two days. I am also doing some reading to start me on the journey to learn how to write my book and to make money on my blog. I am looking forward to reconnecting with my word. 

Where are your biggest struggles currently? 
I think my struggles for the month of March were that I had one bad thing after another happen to my family that I just put my dreams on hold. Not only did I put them on hold I think I felt how could I dream when all of this is going on. So I need to readjust my attitude now. 

For the month of March we are to fill out and think of action words to keep our word active in our life. I struggled with this at first and then after listening to Ali's video and looking at other's action steps, I realized that I was making this harder than it is. Here are my action steps. 

Write your dreams down - make a list of all my dreams. Have two sets of dreams one realistic and one that are some pie in the sky dreams.

Plan how you are going to make these dreams come true - Set specific goals and dreams to work towards.

Make time to work on your dreams. Don't let your dreams be squashed because you may not have a lot of time. Every minute you work towards your dreams counts. 

Be open- be open to how my dreams will come true and remember they will not happen overnight. Be open to the work it is going to take to accomplish these dreams. Be open to patience it will take to make my dreams come true. 

Think positive - Remember to not dwell on the negative things in life. Write one positive thing in my journal each day. Be positive that you can do this and your dreams will come true. 

Exercise - make a goal to exercise and eat right. If I do this that is one dream of mine taking action. Be healthy and look good and feel good.

Be yourself - Dream what you want not what others want. You deserve to have your own dreams. You are worth it. 

It will be ok - Remember that no matter what happens in life things will be ok and you still have your dreams to keep you going. 

Have fun - Remember you should have fun while dreaming. Do not make this a chore. Learn to let loose and go with the flow. 

Get started - Now is the time to get started on making my dreams come true. What am I waiting for? Nothing like the present to start putting one foot in front of the other. 


  1. Congratulations on getting back to your goal. Dealing with unexpected negative occurrences is part of the journey. But what would we be without them? I lost my father to cancer a few months ago, which has been quite difficult for me. But it's also helped me reconnect to others and appreciate the people I have around me all the more. Taking care of yourself is key - I agree. Good luck on your journey.

  2. Setting your goals and sticking with them are a great start down the right path. Best of luck to you in attaining them!