Saturday, April 18, 2015

One Little Word - Dream - April 2015

Image credit to Ali Edwards. You can check out her website and learn more about One Little Word by clicking here

For the month of April our creative prompt was to use photos to connect us to our lives. I do not take a lot of photos anymore because I do not scrapbook anymore. So this month's prompt is a bit of a challenge for me. But I chose to use do my photos in a way that felt comfortable to me.  

I chose this photo to represent my word because this flower represents happiness to me. 

Where do you see your word working? I see my word working by remembering to dream each day. 
I chose this photo to represent my word to remind me that your dreams can make you fly.

Is it loud or quiet? Some days it is quiet and I forget to think about my dreams and how they will happen. Other days it is loud and in my face then I remember dreams can happen you just have to work on them. 
I chose this photo to represent my word because this day (which happens to have been today) was a nice relaxing fun day and to remind me to take the time to breathe. 

What steps have you taken in your home environment to welcome your word or get yourself in alignment with your intentions? I have two pieces of sea glass that have my word printed on them and these are on my end table right next to me each day. I also try to find things on the internet to help me work towards my dreams. Another thing I do is to talk about my dreams to others. I think it is good to have your dreams in the open. 

I chose this photo to represent my word since writing a book is one of my dreams and I bought this book to help me get started on the right path.

How are you living your word? I have not been doing this much lately but I am going to try and work on it more often. One problem I have is that I am not as disciplined as I should be with myself. One of my biggest dreams is to write a book and I keep talking about it but now I need to do it. Part of my problem I believe is that I lack the confidence in myself to get started. 

I chose this photo to represent my word as cardinals are not only one of my favorite birds but they were my grandmas as well and she is one person that I knew I could talk to and make me feel better. We lost her eight years ago and I still miss her like it was yesterday.

How are you connected (or not) to your word right now? Why? Right now today at this moment I feel connected to my word because I am writing this post. But here lately I do not feel as connected to my word. I really think this is an issue of mine that I need to work on. It is hard when you have a few bad days and just need to regroup. This is where I am at right now. 

I chose this photo to represent my word as this is another of my dreams is to travel to Europe. The more I make this visual more it reminds me to make my dreams happen.

Where are your biggest struggles currently? My biggest struggle is in my confidence in myself to make my dreams come true. I need to learn and remember that I am am my own worst enemy when it comes to not getting things done or going in the right direction. This is something I have struggled with a lot in my life. 

I chose this photo to represent my word because this is another reminder that my grandma is with me always and with her behind me I can do all I want in life.

Some of the people in our Facebook group has talked about doing a companion word to their word of the year. I am thinking I need to come up with a companion word myself. A few of the words I am thinking of are focus, confidence or discipline I am going to think on this for a few days. 

I chose this photo to represent my word to remind me to dream big.

I do not want to leave this post on a down note as one of my things that I tried to change about myself last year was to think positive. A good thing to remember in making your dreams come true is to not worry about the consequences of what will happen but to just take that leap of faith. Work towards your dreams, focus on your dreams, live, breath and think about your dreams. The only way something is going to happen is if you work on it. Do not sit back and think things will just happen or come to you. You must got out and get them and make them happen. Dream Big, Dream Often, Dream Well. 

I chose this photo to represent my word because looking at this flower just makes me feel good. 

Do you have any dreams you are working towards? I would love to hear about them. 

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  1. The dreams that I am working toward are writing a memoir of my varied adventures and misadventures and putting together a picture book of my bear stories.I'd like to spend more time walking in nature and more time painting. So many adventures beckon but is there time?