Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Migraines and Natural Remedies

Do you suffer from migraines or headaches? Most of my family does, in fact migraines go back to at least my great grandpa. I often wonder if even more generations of my family suffered from this as well. 

If you do not suffer from migraines you do not understand the pain they can cause. Migraines effect each person differently and can be debilitating. For me my head pounds and noise makes it worse. My niece started getting them at the age of two and she is now nine, when she was younger and they would start she would scream and then projectile vomit, now she knows what they are so she does not scream anymore. My brother also gets sick when he has one. For my daughter, sister and mom the light and noise both bother them when they have a migraine. 

For different people different things can cause the migraine. Mine are caused by hormones, not eating, honey and stress. My sister's are caused by waking up too fast, cold air in her face and stress.

There are many medicines out there to help with the migraines. Some you have to take right away as soon as you feel the first pain, others you can take at any time during the migraine, and some are a preventative to keep you from even getting the migraine. We are lucky we now have medicines that can help to treat them. When my great grandpa was alive they did not know how to get rid of them so they cut the nerves in the back of his head/neck area to relive the pressure so the pain would stop. 

I have been seeing things on the internet lately as to ways to get rid of or help with migraines. These are natural ways to reduce the pain instead of taking man made medication. I am all for learning natural ways of dealing with illnesses. So I thought I would share a few of them. 

One of the newest things I have seen that will help with these types of headache is lavender lemonade. You can read more about this at Complete Health and Happiness (click here). In fact lavender can be used to help with many different things health wise. 

Another herbal treatment is to use peppermint. You can put the peppermint oil on your temples or forehead to ease the pain, or if you would rather you can have a peppermint tea, use peppermint lotion or soap. (You can do the same things with the lavender if you would rather not drink it.) To find out more about peppermint uses go to migraine dot com (click here).

Magnesium is another vitamin that can help with migraines. You can eat foods rich in this vitamin such as nuts, bananas, dark leafy greens or avocados, or  if you would rather you can make an oil or lotion to use. Check out these links for the recipes. Magnesium Oil (click here) and Magnesium Lotion (click here)

Some people use yoga to cure their migraines. here is a link to an article that can show you some poses to help you out. Yoga for headaches (click here) Others use acupressure points to help get rid of the pain - checkout this link for more information. Acupressure Points for Migraines (click here)

Here are a few other links you might want to check out as well. 

This one lists some home remedies - Everyday Roots
This one has a recipe for a balm to use - Holistic Saffron
This site is dedicated to migraines - Migraine dot com
Here is a variety of links from Pinterest - Pinterest search

I hope if you suffer from migraines one of these remedies will help for you. 


  1. Nice blog with a lot of important information. I get migraines occasionally. Thank you so much for sharing. We have come a long way, but still have further to go. There is a lot of medicine out there now to help.

  2. I need to send this to my SISTER because she suffers HARD CORE from headaches!

  3. I'm blessed not to suffer with migraines. But I know several people who have. I'm glad to have this info to pass on. The information was excellent with good resources for additional help. I'm sure it will bless many people who suffer in this way.

  4. I get headaches, no migraines though thankfully.
    important info though! thanks!