Monday, April 13, 2015

Lighthouse, Castles and Mansions Oh My!

Highclere Castle

I love looking at lighthouses, castles and mansions/manors. For some reason I have always been intrigued by them. They are not only beautiful but usually have some sort of story behind them. So today I am going to share a few of my favorites with you. 

Lighthouses - They have a hidden message behind them for me. Lighthouses are meant to stand strong throughout storms to bring ships home safely. So I when I see it a lighthouse it reminds me that you need to be strong as the storm will pass. Many lighthouses are no longer in use and there is an organization that works to save them from ruin.

Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany

Castles - They are beautiful and have so much history behind them. They were built long before we were ever thought of and many of them are still standing and at the same time many of them are crumbling with time. I think they should be preserved and saved to keep telling their story.

Biltmore Estate

Mansions and manors are just beautiful to me. They remind me of old money from days gone by. In a dream world I live in one of these. I can't imagine what it takes to run one of these on a day to day basis but they are nice to look at and dream. Many manors seems to be surrounded by lush gardens that you can walk through on a nice sunny day and enjoy nature. 

An English Manor

Southern plantations are another sort of large home that I enjoy looking at. When I think of plantations I think of Gone With the Wind and Scarlett O'Hara sitting on the porch flirting with all the boys of the area. I would love to have a plantation style home. One of my favorite things I like about them is the columns on the front and large porches. Also don't forget the oak tree lined driveways, this is a must if you have a plantation. Again another beautiful style of home. 

Louisiana Plantation

Another beautiful structure to look at are the old cathedrals in Europe. They are a more than a place to worship they are a work of art. Like the castles they have been around for many many years and have their own history behind them. One day I will get to visit one of them and see it first hand. 

St. Fin Barre's Cathedral in Cork, Ireland

To finish up today I am just going to share with you a few other amazing sites I have found in my ramblings around the internet looking for beautiful buildings. 

Hearst Castle in California

Natural History Museum in South Kensington

Gloucester Cathedral 

Chicken Rock Lighthouse, Isle of Man


  1. Love the lighthouses. whenever possible I try to see as many as I can on any travels :D

  2. What beautiful architecture! Someday I hope to be able to do a lot of traveling and see some of these older buildings.