Friday, April 10, 2015

Favorite Smells - Ultimate Blog Challenge - April 2015

This morning I was listening to the The Happiness Project Podcast by Gretchen Rubin and she was talking about favorite smells and it got me to thinking I could write about that. 

Smell - noun - the power of perceiving odors or scents by means of the organs in your nose. 

I am very sensitive to smells. Some give me headaches, some make me sick and others I can't seem to get enough of. We smell a million different smells each day so it is one of the most used senses in our body. You use smell to make sure foods are not bad, to make us feel better, etc. For me I think it is one of the most important senses but I sometimes wish my nose was not so sensitive. 

A few of the smell I do not like are vanilla (this one makes me ill), chocolate in candle form, cooked garlic, pooh (no one likes this smell), and most sweet smells in candle form.  I do not like skunk smell but for some reason that even though it smells bad it brings back memories of childhood and I do not know why it does. 

My favorite smells are:

Nature smells: lavender (this is a calming smell for me), lilacs (this was also my grandma's favorite flower), fresh cut grass, patchouli, ecucalyptus and mint, pine, rain, tulips, English ivy, sunflower, ocean, cedar, cotton, lotus, jasmine

Perfumes: Faith Hill's Soul 2 Soul, all of Tim Mcgraw's colognes, Navy, Lady Stetson, Chanel No. 5, Polo, Sensual Amber from Bath and Body Works

Food smells: coffee beans (although I do not like coffee or the smell of it after it is brewed at home), These food smells I like in candle form: cinnamon, fresh apples, citrus, berries, coconut, lemon

Other smells: leather, some cigars, Dowmy, books, baby powder, baby lotion, burning wood, peppermint

I have a melting pot that I buy multiple wax melter cubes for. I have an obsession with these. I almost always have one of these going so I am always smelling something that I like. So many of the smells I like have funky names because of the companies I buy them from. I also have many different scents of bath soaps. My favorite types of scents to buy are fresh, fruity, or manly. 

What are some of the smells that you like or don't like? 


  1. I'm sensitive to smells too, can smell things no one else can lol...but I love flowers especially Lavender x

  2. That's nuts - cooked garlic is one of the best smells out there! Right along with onions!

  3. there is one smell that I'll always recognize - the smell of my home :D