Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Are you organized?

Organize (verb) - to form or into a whole consisting of interdependent or coordinated parts

Are you an organized person? Does everything have a place and everything is in it's place? Then you are a lot like me. It is my mission to have everything organized and to make my family follow in my footsteps. Of course my family has names for the way I am, OCD, anal, type A etc. They can call me that all they want but I can usually find whatever it is they need because it is right where it is supposed to be. 

Here are a few ways I have things organized - 

My books: I have multiple bookshelves in my home. I have one shelf that is for cozy mysteries, one for mass market paperbacks and three for trade paperbacks and hardbacks and one for self help/biographies/memoirs. Each of these bookshelves are organized alphabetical by author. The three shelves for the larger books start and the first shelf and end with the third. 

My email: I have folders and subfolders for different emails. For example I do a lot of book reviews for people so I have a folder called books in that folder I will put emails about books I would like to get. Next is the subfolders - blog tours, Amy's tours, Lori's Tours, Italy tours, France tours, and Litfuse all of these are people/companies I do book reviews for and the blog tours is for review request that are for people that I do not do many tours for. I also have a folder for bills due now, bill receipts, orders, pictures, websites I have joined, websites I want to revist, journal ideas, and a host of other folders. This makes it easy for me to go into my email and find what I am looking for right away. 

Websites/Bookmarks: I have folders for links to websites I want visit frequently or want to visit again in the future. I have a folder for my husband and then I have a folder for myself. Within my folder I have subfolders for sites visited most often, book sites, new blogs to follow, journal/blog ideas, homemade gifts, crafts, how-tos, recipes, writing and a misc. 

*This is not my home but I just wanted to share. I love how this pantry is organized
Even my home is organized. I have a certain place we put glass glasses, tumblers, coffee cups, my glasses that look like to go cups but are hard plastic, plates, bowls, leftover containers, melter cubes, bookmarks (I collect these so have many and they are organized by size and type), postcards (organized by size), medicines (which are kept seperate according to what they are for), clothing, pens, papers, magazines (organized by titles) etc. 

*This is not my home but I love this organization 

I have many jump drives and each of them has something different on them. One is for pictures, one is for word documents, one if for our business, one is for quickbooks/microsoft money backup, one is for crafty things and one is for images and such for my blogs. 

I enjoy looking a organizing magazines, websites and tips. So on that note I will share a few of those with you. 

This is a neat blog post by Polly's Picks that gives you 45 tips to organize your home: Polly's Picks (click here)

Here is a nice article about how to organize your life: Life Hack (click here)

Another article on how to get organized: Women's Day (click here)

If you have any organization tips I would love to hear them. Thank you for stopping by.


  1. A book I found really helpful for getting organized is Getting Things Done by David Allen

  2. I do not know I should be commenting... as I am totally NOT organized if we're talking about stuff around... I am hopeless :)
    BUT if we're talking trips, vacation, parties etc - I am totally different person, everything planned, listed, underlined :D