Monday, April 27, 2015

A day without the internet - can you survive?

Friday I woke up and like any other day set about my morning ritual. I sat down opened my laptop and went to go check my emails. OH NO no internet connection - what to do. First thing I tried restarting the computer - no go. Next I tried resetting the modem - no go. Then I thought ok I will wait for mom to get up and she can call the internet provider as the bill is in her name. 

Finally after a call to the internet provider we found out it was a problem they would have to come out and fix and all appointments were book so they would not be able to help us until Saturday around four in the afternoon. I just knew this would mean a few grumpy people in our household - having to go two days with no internet. A father how uses the internet to play games on his IPad, a mother who is on the computer most of the day, a son who uses the internet for his XBox and Netflix, and a daughter who watches Netflix and YouTube all day long. My husband does like the internet when he comes home from work but I knew it would not bother him one bit if it was down. Yes I do get on the internet myself multiple times a day but I knew I could check my email and Facebook through my phone. I was more worried about I had a book review due on Sunday morning on my review blog Griperang's Bookmarks as well as one each day this week. How could I do the review without the internet - I do not know how to blog from my phone. 

The morning with everyone started out a little rough but as the day went on it seemed to be ok. We took dad's IPad of wi-fi and let him use if with the cell phone service, mom was on her phone non-stop and the kids watched regular TV with me in the living room. I enjoyed this as it is not often that the three of us do this together anymore. Since I am an avid reader this also gave me more time to read without the distraction of looking at Facebook or Pinterest throughout the day. Saturday for me was covered as my husband and I had plans to go boating with friends and my son started his first day of work. 

In this day and age we seem to depend on the internet for everything from being social, getting directions, looking up phone  number, and entertainment. Does anyone remember what life was like before internet? I feel as if kids are sometimes as a disadvantage with all the electronics today. When we were kids we found our own entertainment. We played outside, read books, played with dolls and cars, rode out bikes, played games with the neighbor kids and a host of other things. Now if kids have no internet or electronic devices they feel as they are not going to survive. 

I ended up enjoying my day with no internet as it was a day to catch up and do all the things I put off in place of the internet. Maybe I should start taking one day a week or every other week and just unplug for a day. 

Would you survive a day with no internet?


  1. I would take it as a beautiful day of rest, untethered.

  2. We have gotten so tied to the technology. I think it would be a good idea for most of us to have a "techno-free" day - a day when we put down the phones, tablets, computers and talk to one another face-to-face. Or, as you suggested, open up a book (not an eReader) - take it to the park and enjoy the outdoors while reading.

  3. totally could survive. Ideas can be written on paper, and finally the eyes could be free to wander wherever they want out in the world... In case of a rainy day - the books pile is just enormous :D

  4. oh and btw - I just nominated your blog for two awards :