Wednesday, April 29, 2015

5 Things Friday - Redo - Jobs, Prep, Colors, Annoying Things and a Melting Heart

5 Things Friday is brought to us by Carolyn at CCMcafee Perspective (click here). Her goal was to record her family's life five things at at time. I thought this was a good idea so I am going to join in with her and try to do this myself. 

Last Friday slipped by me and I have been busy each day since so I am posting my 5 Things Friday a few days late. UPDATE - When I did my post last night I grabbed the wrong 5 Things. So I am going to do a redo and now do 5 Things Friday from last week.

5 Jobs I had growing up -
- Dairy Barn (this is kind of like Dairy Queen)
- Babysitting
- Wal-Mart
- I actually only had three jobs before I became an adult

5 Things I'm Prepping For -
- My husband's foot surgery
- Writing a book
- Changes for my blog
- My daughter's life change (it is personal so I can't say what it is)
- My mother in law's visit

5 of my favorite colors -
- green
- Tiffany blue
- pink/brown combo
- purple (a little)
- yellow

5 Things that annoy me -
- People that chew with their mouth open
- People that drive in the left lane
- Negative people
- Stupid acting people
- Being too hot

5 Things that melt my heart -
- Pictures of my nieces and nephews
- Phone calls from my nieces and nephews
- Pictures of baby animals
- Meaningful text messages from my husband
- Seeing my daughter upset over things I can't fix

5 Images from my week -

Picture I got of my niece Madalynn dressing up for Combs School Day

My pen pal letter I received from Germany

Picture I got of my niece Sophia getting into trouble

Picture of my purchase yesterday - I have an obsession with pens and papers

Picture of Lilacs from Nebraska - this makes me remember my grandma

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