Wednesday, April 29, 2015

5 Things Friday - Redo - Jobs, Prep, Colors, Annoying Things and a Melting Heart

5 Things Friday is brought to us by Carolyn at CCMcafee Perspective (click here). Her goal was to record her family's life five things at at time. I thought this was a good idea so I am going to join in with her and try to do this myself. 

Last Friday slipped by me and I have been busy each day since so I am posting my 5 Things Friday a few days late. UPDATE - When I did my post last night I grabbed the wrong 5 Things. So I am going to do a redo and now do 5 Things Friday from last week.

5 Jobs I had growing up -
- Dairy Barn (this is kind of like Dairy Queen)
- Babysitting
- Wal-Mart
- I actually only had three jobs before I became an adult

5 Things I'm Prepping For -
- My husband's foot surgery
- Writing a book
- Changes for my blog
- My daughter's life change (it is personal so I can't say what it is)
- My mother in law's visit

5 of my favorite colors -
- green
- Tiffany blue
- pink/brown combo
- purple (a little)
- yellow

5 Things that annoy me -
- People that chew with their mouth open
- People that drive in the left lane
- Negative people
- Stupid acting people
- Being too hot

5 Things that melt my heart -
- Pictures of my nieces and nephews
- Phone calls from my nieces and nephews
- Pictures of baby animals
- Meaningful text messages from my husband
- Seeing my daughter upset over things I can't fix

5 Images from my week -

Picture I got of my niece Madalynn dressing up for Combs School Day

My pen pal letter I received from Germany

Picture I got of my niece Sophia getting into trouble

Picture of my purchase yesterday - I have an obsession with pens and papers

Picture of Lilacs from Nebraska - this makes me remember my grandma

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

5 Things Friday - Daydreams, Music and Games

5 Things Friday is brought to us by Carolyn at CCMcafee Perspective (click here). Her goal was to record her family's life five things at at time. I thought this was a good idea so I am going to join in with her and try to do this myself. 

Last Friday slipped by me and I have been busy each day since so I am posting my 5 Things Friday a few days late. 

Family happenings - 

- Rachel just passed another exam for her vet's assistant class with a 92 - straight As so far
- Matthew started his first day at his new job today
- Scott is going to have foot surgery on May 27th
- I got bit by a spider on the elbow and it is swollen up

5 Things I am daydreaming about write now - 

- Writing that book I have dreamed about
- Not having to worry about the bills
- Starting exercising
- Traveling to Europe someday
- Books I would like to buy

5 Favorite Podcasts I listen to (I don't listen to much music so I changed up my list) -

- Happier with Gretchen Rubin
- Paperclipping Round Table
- Elise Gets Crafty
- The Art of Simple
- Ben Franklin's World

5 Games my kids love right now (My kids are adults now but still like some games)

- Monolopy 
- Phase 10
- Idiot 
- Racko
- Life
* These are games they like to play as a family

Monday, April 27, 2015

A day without the internet - can you survive?

Friday I woke up and like any other day set about my morning ritual. I sat down opened my laptop and went to go check my emails. OH NO no internet connection - what to do. First thing I tried restarting the computer - no go. Next I tried resetting the modem - no go. Then I thought ok I will wait for mom to get up and she can call the internet provider as the bill is in her name. 

Finally after a call to the internet provider we found out it was a problem they would have to come out and fix and all appointments were book so they would not be able to help us until Saturday around four in the afternoon. I just knew this would mean a few grumpy people in our household - having to go two days with no internet. A father how uses the internet to play games on his IPad, a mother who is on the computer most of the day, a son who uses the internet for his XBox and Netflix, and a daughter who watches Netflix and YouTube all day long. My husband does like the internet when he comes home from work but I knew it would not bother him one bit if it was down. Yes I do get on the internet myself multiple times a day but I knew I could check my email and Facebook through my phone. I was more worried about I had a book review due on Sunday morning on my review blog Griperang's Bookmarks as well as one each day this week. How could I do the review without the internet - I do not know how to blog from my phone. 

The morning with everyone started out a little rough but as the day went on it seemed to be ok. We took dad's IPad of wi-fi and let him use if with the cell phone service, mom was on her phone non-stop and the kids watched regular TV with me in the living room. I enjoyed this as it is not often that the three of us do this together anymore. Since I am an avid reader this also gave me more time to read without the distraction of looking at Facebook or Pinterest throughout the day. Saturday for me was covered as my husband and I had plans to go boating with friends and my son started his first day of work. 

In this day and age we seem to depend on the internet for everything from being social, getting directions, looking up phone  number, and entertainment. Does anyone remember what life was like before internet? I feel as if kids are sometimes as a disadvantage with all the electronics today. When we were kids we found our own entertainment. We played outside, read books, played with dolls and cars, rode out bikes, played games with the neighbor kids and a host of other things. Now if kids have no internet or electronic devices they feel as they are not going to survive. 

I ended up enjoying my day with no internet as it was a day to catch up and do all the things I put off in place of the internet. Maybe I should start taking one day a week or every other week and just unplug for a day. 

Would you survive a day with no internet?

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Feelings - Good or Bad We All Have Them

When I first started this blog I wanted it to be a place where I could document my journey from changing the way I think. For me I was and still am trying to learn how to be more positive. I want to not only be positive I want to have positive feelings and to look for the positive aspect in things not the negative. Well I have ended up using my blog for more of a journal. This is not all bad and it does include some of my changes that I wanted to document. For me one of the changes I have gone through this last year is journaling and blogging more, but I am still working on the positive thinking. Last night as I was laying in bed I was thinking of some things that were bothering me and one of the big reasons I tend to become negative and I decided I wanted to blog about it. 

One thing I do not understand is how one person can make the people around them feel so bad. Some people just do not understand that the things they say and do really hurt people. It makes no sense how everything that comes out of your mouth is negative. No matter what anyone says to you you have a come back to make the people feel bad. You are not always right, you need to be proud of the people around you and the things they do, you need to respect their ideas, feelings and opinions, you need to not look down on those who are close to you. If only people would live by these ideas then the world would be a better place. 

I know for me that words hurt and it is hard to forget sometimes what people say or do. Actions can be just as bad as words. You may say one thing but do something else and that shows the person that what came out of your mouth was not genuine. Some people have to live with this for years and years and feel as if they can never do anything right, say anything right, are not smart, and don't know anything. If you have lived with this for most of your life then you will know how hard it is to go through changes on learning how to think and be more positive. 

Sometimes you are not able to change the people you are around who are bringing you down. So you need to find a new way to shut down the negativity. It may be to not really listen to what is being said, walking away, or not starting conversations with the person.  These are some tactics that you can use in your everyday life to try and limit the amount of negativity from the person causing the problem for you. You would hope this would help the person who is doing this to you to wake up and see what is going on, but let me tell you it does not. The person needs to realize what they are doing and want to change on their own. 

If this is your life you need to learn to look for the positive aspects in your life as well have them. Sometimes you just have to look a little hard than others. Try to surround yourself with positive words - whether it is people, a vision board with sayings, things you are watching or listening to or finding things to read. I know this is sometimes easier said than done but we need to all work on this. You will have good days and bad days when going down this path but in the end it will be worth it.  Try to find a person that is a positive thinking person and learn from them on how to live your life more positive. 

Some ways to bring positive into your life while dealing with these issues are to smile. The more you smile and laugh the better you will feel. Laughter is healing. Say thank you and have a good day to everyone you deal with in the public whether is it a cashier, a receptionist at an office or your mail carrier. You never know what that person is going through and your one nice thing may make a big difference in their day. 

Start and end each day with a positive thought. As the saying goes one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day. The same goes for ending the day. Try to go to bed with a positive attitude. There is always something positive that has happened in your day. It may be something as simple as the sun was shining today, you got a letter in the mail, or you got all  your work done you needed to. Gretchen Rubin has a great five year journal that you can use for this. The Happiness Project One Sentence Journal - A Five Year Record. This is a good way to end your day, write down your one positive thought from the day. 

Read or listen to books about happiness. One of my favorite books is Happy for No Reason by Marci Shimoff. She gives you seven steps for being happy from the inside out. I listened to this book in the car on my way to work. It is a good book and has some good tips to follow. Another good book is The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin again this it a good book to learn how to be happier. This book is a good one to start in January and take a whole year to read as her chapters are done by the month. Gretchen also has a great podcast as well that I listen to each week. It is called Happier with Gretchen Rubin. I really need to go back and read these books again. 

Surround yourself with positive people, positive thoughts, positive things to read, watch and see. Create a vision board whether it is on Pinterest or you find pictures to cut out and put on a board where you can see it all day long. Make it a point to write down positive quotes when you see them. I find when I write things down I remember them better. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Nebraska - The Good Life

I am originally from Nebraska even though I now live in Florida. Nebraska is where my heart will always be and where I will always call home. One day I would like to move back there and I always joke with my husband and tell him that is where I want to die. When you drive into Nebraska you will see the sign on the road that says Nebraska - The good life and I wholly agree with it. 

I believe that one of the things that I love about this state is all of the memories I have from there. I was born there and lived there until second grade at which time due to my dad's job we had to move to Kansas. I know you are saying Kansas is the same no it is not and I did not like living there. I did not fit in because I was not from there. Unfortunately that is how it was in the small town in Kansas where we lived. So I got to spend every summer in Nebraska with my grandparents as well as we made many holiday trips as well as just plain ole' trips there to visit with our family. The day I graduated from high school I moved myself right back to Nebraska. 

People are always asking me what is in Nebraska. I hate this question because people are always saying there is nothing there but a bunch of flat land. Even when you watch tv shows and movies like to make fun of Nebraska and nothing makes me angerier than that. We are not a bunch of dumb know nothing people. In fact there are many famous people from our great state. Here is a list of some of them: Johnny Carson, Larry the Cable Guy, Marlon Brando, Warren Buffet, Hilary Swank,Malcom X, Gerald Ford, Nicholas Sparks, Dick Cheney, Jorge Garcia, Scott Porter, Nick Nolte, Marg Helgenberger, and Henry Fonda. 

I am going to share a few fun facts about Nebraska that you probably did not know and now you will know what is in Nebraska. 

Our state nickname used to be "the tree planter's state" but was changed in 1945 to "the Cornhusker State"

J. Sterling Morton founded Arbor Day in Nebraska City in 1872. To this day on Arbor Day all grade school kids get a tree sapling to take home and plant. 

Nebraska has the world's largest aquifer (underground lake/water supply) Ogalala Aquifer

In 1927 Edwin Perkins of Hastings invented Kool-aid

Nebraska has more miles of rivers than any other state

It is the only state in the Union with a unicameral (one house) legislature

Nebraska is the birthplace of the Reuben sandwich

It was the first state to complete its segment of the nations mainline interstate system

911 system of emergency for the entire nation was developed and first used in Lincoln, Nebraska

Lincoln County is the origin of the world's largest "Wolly Mammoth" elephant fossil

Carhenge is located in Nebraska

Dr. Harold Edgerton of Aurora, Nebraska is the inventor of the strobe light.

Sidney, Nebraska was the starting point of the Black Hills Gold Rush

In 1950 Omaha became the home of the College World Series

Father Flanagan founded Boys Town in Omaha in 1917. 

Union Pacific Railroad's Museum in headquartered in Nebraska

Cozad, Nebraska is located on the 100th Meridan where humid east meets the arid west

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has the largest weight room in the country - it is 3/4 of an acre

The University of Nebraska Cornhusker football team has produced more Academic All-Americans than any other Division I school

Chimney Rock is the most often mentioned landmark in journal entries by travelers of the Oregon Trail

Weeping Water is the nations largest limestone deposit and producer

Nebraska has more underground water reserves than any other state in the continental US 

Spam is produced in Fremont, Nebraska

The Lied Jungle in Omaha is the world's largest indoor rain forest

Mutual of Omaha corporate headquarters is a public building built with seven floors underground

Borsheims in Omaha has the largest jewelry store in the nation

The major industries are corn, soybeans, wheat, sorghum, grain processing and meat packing. So as I like to say if Nebraska was not here you would not eat. We have everything on your plate. 

I hope you have enjoyed the fun facts about my home state. I have enjoyed sharing them with you.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Tea - My favorite drink

Today I want to talk a little bit about tea. I know not a very exciting subject right? Last year I found out I have a severe acid reflux problem as well as a small hiatal hernia. Since I have received this diagnosis I found out there are things in my diet that I had/have to get rid of. One of the things was pop. I used to only drink Coke and nothing else. It has now been over a year since I have totally given up any and all pop. I have also found out that I can't have many juices or any caffeine, so I have had to find different things to drink. One of my favorite drinks now is iced tea. I prefer to drink my tea cold and have found that most teas can be made into iced tea. Every time I go into a new store I look for new decaf teas for me to try. So let's begin our tea journey. 

The history of tea:
Tea was first discovered in China and has since been quenching thirsts worldwide. It is not only one of the most popular beverages it is one of the healthiest. There is a legend that tea was discovered around 2737 BC by the emperor of China and was used for medicinal purposes. During the Zhou Dynasty tea was used as a religious offering. Next around 202 AD tea plants were scarce and only the royalty and rich drank it. Around 618 more tea plants were found so tea drinking became more popular. In the 17th century tea came to England. To read more about the history of tea you can check out Teavana (click here). There is an interesting article there which is where I received the information above. 

Healthy benefits of tea:
Drinking can actually be very healthy for you.  So let's touch on a few of those. It can help reduce the risk of a heart attack, it is high in antioxidants which can help battle cancers, lower the risk of Parkinson's Disease, etc. Teas are also good for you when you have an upset stomach especially mint tea. Chamomile tea can also help to calm you before bed. I would like to share a couple of websites that can tell you more about the great benefits of tea. Healthland (click here) Webmd (click here) Life Hacker: Why tea is so healthy (click here)

Where to buy your tea:
I have a couple of online stores where I like to buy my teas as they offer many choices for decaf teas. In my hunt for teas I have found that the major retail stores do not carry a very good variety when it comes to decaf. There is also a store in my town that sells only British products and they have some good teas there. The English Tea Store (click here) sells many different types of teas and tea products. They have reasonable prices and some pretty nice tea products. Stash Tea (click here) offers many different flavors of their brand of tea. They also sell some tea ware if you are interested. 

My favorite teas:
Some of my favorite teas come from Stash Tea. A few of my favorites are lavender, peppermint herbal, mellow moments, Christmas eve, and pumpkin spice. My standby teas are Irish Breakfast, English Breakfast, White, Black and Green teas. All the tea I drink is decaf or caffeine free. Twinings Teas, Tazo and Celestial Seasonings also offer a nice variety of caffeine free teas. Here are the links to their websites: Twinings USA Twinings of London Tazo Celestial Seasonings I like to drink my iced and sometimes I add just a splash of organic agave syrup to sweeten it up a touch. If I am not feeling well then I will have a cup of hot tea to sooth the throat or stomach.  My preference for making my tea is to buy my tea already bagged over loose teas. I then steep my tea for about five minutes then put in a pitcher in the fride so it is ready when I need a new glass. 

How about you? Do you like your tea hot or cold, sweet or unsweet? What is your favorite flavor of tea?

Saturday, April 18, 2015

One Little Word - Dream - April 2015

Image credit to Ali Edwards. You can check out her website and learn more about One Little Word by clicking here

For the month of April our creative prompt was to use photos to connect us to our lives. I do not take a lot of photos anymore because I do not scrapbook anymore. So this month's prompt is a bit of a challenge for me. But I chose to use do my photos in a way that felt comfortable to me.  

I chose this photo to represent my word because this flower represents happiness to me. 

Where do you see your word working? I see my word working by remembering to dream each day. 
I chose this photo to represent my word to remind me that your dreams can make you fly.

Is it loud or quiet? Some days it is quiet and I forget to think about my dreams and how they will happen. Other days it is loud and in my face then I remember dreams can happen you just have to work on them. 
I chose this photo to represent my word because this day (which happens to have been today) was a nice relaxing fun day and to remind me to take the time to breathe. 

What steps have you taken in your home environment to welcome your word or get yourself in alignment with your intentions? I have two pieces of sea glass that have my word printed on them and these are on my end table right next to me each day. I also try to find things on the internet to help me work towards my dreams. Another thing I do is to talk about my dreams to others. I think it is good to have your dreams in the open. 

I chose this photo to represent my word since writing a book is one of my dreams and I bought this book to help me get started on the right path.

How are you living your word? I have not been doing this much lately but I am going to try and work on it more often. One problem I have is that I am not as disciplined as I should be with myself. One of my biggest dreams is to write a book and I keep talking about it but now I need to do it. Part of my problem I believe is that I lack the confidence in myself to get started. 

I chose this photo to represent my word as cardinals are not only one of my favorite birds but they were my grandmas as well and she is one person that I knew I could talk to and make me feel better. We lost her eight years ago and I still miss her like it was yesterday.

How are you connected (or not) to your word right now? Why? Right now today at this moment I feel connected to my word because I am writing this post. But here lately I do not feel as connected to my word. I really think this is an issue of mine that I need to work on. It is hard when you have a few bad days and just need to regroup. This is where I am at right now. 

I chose this photo to represent my word as this is another of my dreams is to travel to Europe. The more I make this visual more it reminds me to make my dreams happen.

Where are your biggest struggles currently? My biggest struggle is in my confidence in myself to make my dreams come true. I need to learn and remember that I am am my own worst enemy when it comes to not getting things done or going in the right direction. This is something I have struggled with a lot in my life. 

I chose this photo to represent my word because this is another reminder that my grandma is with me always and with her behind me I can do all I want in life.

Some of the people in our Facebook group has talked about doing a companion word to their word of the year. I am thinking I need to come up with a companion word myself. A few of the words I am thinking of are focus, confidence or discipline I am going to think on this for a few days. 

I chose this photo to represent my word to remind me to dream big.

I do not want to leave this post on a down note as one of my things that I tried to change about myself last year was to think positive. A good thing to remember in making your dreams come true is to not worry about the consequences of what will happen but to just take that leap of faith. Work towards your dreams, focus on your dreams, live, breath and think about your dreams. The only way something is going to happen is if you work on it. Do not sit back and think things will just happen or come to you. You must got out and get them and make them happen. Dream Big, Dream Often, Dream Well. 

I chose this photo to represent my word because looking at this flower just makes me feel good. 

Do you have any dreams you are working towards? I would love to hear about them. 

Friday, April 17, 2015

5 Things Friday - Journaling Your Life 5 Little Things at a Time

5 Things Friday is brought to us by Carolyn at CCMcafee Perspective (click here). Her goal was to record her family's life five things at at time. I thought this was a good idea so I am going to join in with her and try to do this myself. 

5 Things I won't eat:
curried food

5 Unfulfilled Desires:
Write a book
Meet Tim McGraw and Faith Hill
Travel to Europe
Overcoming my fear of heights to climb to the top of a lighthouse
Own my dream home

5 Wants for my kids:
(My kids are young adults so I chose things for them in their adult lives)
For them to be out on their own
For them to be happy
For them to be successful at whatever they choose to do
For them to find true love
For them to have what ever they dream