Sunday, March 8, 2015

Penpals - yes or no

I want to talk about penpals today. Have you ever had a penpal, do you want a penpal, do you know what a penpal is? My answer to each of these of these questions is yes. How about you?

I enjoy buying new pens, papers and even journals and what better way to use these then to have a penpal. Penpals are a great way to meet new people from all over the world and connect with them on issues that you have in common. I think it is fun to have international penpals so you can you learn about other countries. 

Recently I have found some really good websites to help you find some penpals and to join in on the letter writing community. I will give you a highlight of them and let you visit them for more information. 

Penpal of the Week - Link to Penpal of the Week - This is a place that you can go to find a new penpal, buy stationary or just look around. In order to get a penpal from here you will need to send in a letter and then they will post it on their site for people to connect with you. Take a look around I like the vintage look of their site. This site is free to join. 

Letter Writers Alliance - Link to Letter Writers Alliance - This site is comprised of a group of people who love to write letters. On this site you can see letter writing events that they sponser, get downloadable stationary, purchase stationary, postcards or stamps and find a penpal. In order to find a penpal through their site you must first become a member which costs $5. The membership will get you full access to their website, a patch, postcard, and member card. The charge is a one time fee. After you become a member just follow the instructions on their website to connect with a penpal. 

There are many other sites for finding penpals on both the internet and Facebook. I just caution you to make sure you don't write to just anyone or give all of your personal information out before make sure everything is on the up and up. 

I think this is a way to bring back the lost art of letter writing which like I said I enjoy. I encourage  you to find a penpal and start writing. 

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