Saturday, March 7, 2015

#30 Lists - March 2015 - Day 7 - Inside Jokes

Day 7

Inside Jokes

Who painted the trees? 
(When I was younger there was a lot of frost on the trees and it looked more like paint so I asked the question who painted the trees. No every year I get asked that question)

Look at the whoies.
(When Matthew was very little and just learning how to talk he would see the horses on the way to my grandma's house and he would always say look at the whoies (horses)

My peanuts hurt
(When Matthew was about 7 he rode a mechanical bull and when he got off he said his peanuts hurt. So we kind of still kid him about that.)

(My niece says whatever all the time and I say seriously all the time so we both get teased and randomly our family says these words to us)

I did not know the Winnebago Indians make campers.
(Where I am from the Winnebago Indians have a reservation and hold pow-wows. Well one day my niece who is a bit of a ditz saw a Winnebago motor home and made the statement I did not know Winnebago Indians made campers. She thought the Indians that lived on the Winnebago reservation made the motor homes. She did not realize that the Winnebago motor home company has nothing to do with the Winnebago Indians on the reservation.)

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