Monday, March 9, 2015

#30 Days of Lists - March 2015 - Day 9 - Advice I would give my younger self

Day 9

Don't let people get to you
(In school and later in life don't let what people say get to you and make you cry so much)

You are beautiful
(This is something everyone should think about themselves)

Things will be ok
(This is something I need to remember each day. Learn not to worry so much)

Follow your dream
(One of my big dreams is to write a book. I need to get started on this)

You will never make some people happy - so do what you want
(There are people in my life that it seems that no matter what I do I will never make them happy nor do I ever have the right job, do the right things in my life because they are such a negative person, so I need to learn to live my life for me not them)

Don't be so sensitive
(Again don't cry so much, learn to have a tougher skin)

Be more positive
(I wish I would have spent more time looking at the positive side of life and am now learning how to do that)

Do not be ashamed of who you are
(The town I grew up in made me feel like a piece of dirt and I did not belong because I was not from there, was not pretty enough for them and my family did not have money. I wish I would not have given them the time of day to upset me about who I am and where I come from)

Write down your memories
(I wish I would have kept a journal of memories of my times with my family that is no longer here)

Stand up to mean kids
(When kids were mean to me when I was younger I wish I would have stood up to them and told them to leave me alone)

Don't be afraid to say what you think
(I don't say what I think about most things because no matter what I say to some people I am wrong so it is easier to not say anything at all)

Love yourself
(Remember that you are a great person no matter what happens in life and always love yourself, no matter what)

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