Sunday, March 8, 2015

#30 Days of Lists - March 2015 - Day 8 - Trends I don't like

Day 8

Trends I don't like
(Today's list was actually supposed to be Favorite Trends Making a Comeback. Well I am not big on trends so I changed my list up a bit)

Bell bottom pants
(I have never ever liked these)

Tie-dyed clothes
(Again I just don't like these)

(Hurts my eyes)

Remakes of old movies
(I like original versions of movies I don't care for most remakes of movies)

Fanny Packs
(Just no)

Platform shoes
(just ugly to me)

Crop tops
(I don't care to see other people's stomachs)

Off shoulder tops
(Again I don't want to see other people's bodies)

Mini backpacks
(Just don't get them, carry a purse or a bag)

Slap bracelets
(Too annoying)

Side ponytails
(Just look strange)

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