Thursday, March 5, 2015

#30 Days of Lists - March 2015 - Day 4 - Favorite Online Communities

Day 4

Favorite Online Communities

Goodreads - Novel Ladies
(This is the online bookclub that I belong. We talk everyday and it is a great group of ladies)

RAK Group
(This group was started on Two Peas but has since moved to Facebook. We are all or were scrapbookers and have become a close group of friends. RAK means Random Acts of Kindness. One thing we do is to try and remember to do nice things for people.)

#30 Lists
(I have a lot of fun coming up with the lists for the topics given)

(I am totally addicted to this site. I have way too many boards and can lose countless hours on this site)

(I use this to keep in touch with family, friends, authors and for my blog)

(This is an easy place to keep all the blogs you like in one place - that is if they belong to it)

(I like looking at the pictures people post on here.)

One Little Word
(I am in my second year of this and I really enjoy seeing how a word can work for me)

*I have a few other places that I belong to but I don't get on them much so I did not list them

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