Monday, March 2, 2015

#30 Days of Lists - March 2015 - Day 2 - Resolutions that never stood a chance

Resolutions that never stood a chance

(I know this is on everyone's list. I truly intended to exercise three times a week, but have not done that yet)

Blogging everyday
(I had grand dreams that I would journal and blog each day. This now seems like an awful lot so I am going to work on doing it at least once a week)

Always being positive
(I am trying very hard to be a more positive person - this is very hard to do so I am focusing on being more positive than I used to be)

Not buying books
(I was going to put myself on a no book buying. The goal was to I could get a new book every time I read five. Well this has not worked out well. Book buying is an addiction for me.)

Only getting subscribed to magazines
(The goal was to not buy magazines at the store and only get the ones we subscribed to. Well again this has not quite worked out that well, but we are doing better. I am not buying one each time I go to the store)

Saving money
(I had a grand scheme that we would put $40 a month back into savings. It seems that something always comes up and the money does not get put away.)

Complaining less
(My family likes to say I complain a lot - I don't think I do, so I have trying to make a conscience effort to not complain about things. If I do not like something I choose not to say anything rather than say something bad.)

Keeping to a schedule
(I wanted to have a schedule for which days I wanted to blog and I have yet to do this. Maybe by the end of the year I will.)

Worry less
(My name is Angela and I am a worry wart. My husband says I worry too much about things that I can not fix. It is a slow process that will probably never be complete as worrying is a part of me.)

Listing goals
(I wanted to list out all my goals and to cross them off as I get them done. I have some goals listed but not all and I need to start working on them.)

Use up pens and journals before buying more
(This is not going to happen as I love pens, paper and journals. If I see something I like I want to get it. You can never have too many of these.)

Becoming more social
(I want to join an in person book club or some other sort of group to learn to have ore social interaction. I tend to be shy until I get to know you. It seems easier to make friends online but I would really like to have some in person friends to do things with. Maybe one day)

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