Thursday, March 12, 2015

#30 Days of Lists - March 2015 - Day 13 - Stories I want to Tell

Day 12

Stories I want to tell

Memories of my grandparents
(I have many great memories of growing up and spending summers with my grandparents)

My trip to Key West
(This was just for my 25th wedding anniversary)

Hurricanes of 2004
(To me this was one of the scariest things to go through)

Childhood memories
(I have a few stories from when I was young I would like to share)

My dad's childhood
(My dad was a bad kid and the stories of the things that him and his brothers did are funny to hear)

My book obsession
(I have always loved books and love talking about them)

Why I am who I am 
(I think it would be a good thing for generations to come to know about me)

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