Wednesday, March 11, 2015

#30 Days of Lists - March 2015 - Day 11 - Signs I am a bibliophile

Day 11

Signs I am a bibliophile
(A bibliophile is a person who collects or has a love of books)

Six full bookshelves 
(All of which are waiting to be read as I give my books away when I am done reading them)

Have almost 2000 books
Always ask new people I meet if the read

Collect bookmarks
(I have over 1000)

Have a book blog
Always carry a book with me

Can't go into a store without looking at books
(and probably buying one)

Get free book in the mail almost daily

Have lists of books I want to buy
(I have a list in my phone, Evernote, Pinterest, and planner)

Buy clothing with book quotes on them

Take pics of books
(If I don't have a notepad to write down a book I see that I want to get later I will take a picture of it)

Go to book conventions
Go to author signing events
Prefer to read to going to a party

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