Sunday, March 1, 2015

#30 Days of Lists - March 2015 - Day 1 - Why I make lists

Today is the first day of March 2015's 30 days of lists. I am excited to get started on my lists. 


They are fun 
(yes I do like to make lists - I like the way they look)

So I don't forget
(I make a list every time I go to the store or when I am going on a trip so I do not forget something)

To make things visual
(see what I have - books, pinterest boards, rubber stamps, etc.)

To see what I need to do
(chores I want to get done, errands I need to run, etc.)

So I know what I need
(books, blogs I want to visit, shows I want to watch, etc.)

To organize ideas
(blog ideas, journal ideas, etc)

To reflect on what I accomplished
(goals I have met, projects I have finished, etc.)

Note taking
(notes from books I am reading, podcasts I am listening to, etc.)

Because I want to
(what better reason to make a list)

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