Wednesday, February 4, 2015

One Little Word - DREAM - January 2015

It took me just a little while to get into it but I finally finished my January session of One Little Word. This year I feel different about this project and felt as if I went a little more in depth than I did last year. I am happy with what I wrote for this month. So now I will share with you. 

Definition: Dream n. An aspiration, goal or aim. v. to have a dream, to think or conceive of something in a very remote way. 

Quotation: You are never to old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. C.S. Lewis; 

Follow your dreams they know the way.

Reason Why: I chose dream because I really want to start not only living out my dreams but to allow myself to dream for what I want not what others want. I need to learn to focus more on me and not pleasing or doing what others want or expect me to do. 

Let Go: of fear, of negativity, of insecurity, of laziness, of self-doubt, of unhealthy things, of expectations of others, of having to be in control, of excuses

Invitation: Allow myself to dream, be positive, stay focused, pursue my book dream, be open, experiment, learn new things, have fun

In what ways is this word already a part of my life: My word is dream so I have already started a pinterest board with things I dream will be mine one day. For example what my dream house will be, what my dream car will be and where I dream of vacationing to. 

I also have tried to remember that I can dream whenever and wherever I want and for whatever I want. Dreams can be big or small. You can never give up on your dreams and this is something no one can take from you. 

What do I fear most in 2015: Dreams being crushed, people saying I can't do it, not succeeding, failure, changes.

What am I most excited about in 2015: Starting a new path in life, being in control of what happens, being self employed, embracing my word and all that it means, making changes, having the courage to start something new. 

What do you want more of in 2015? 

Freedom to dream
Thinking yes I can do it
Trying new things

What do you want less of in 2015?

Second guessing myself
Negativity in my life
Putting things off

What do you intend to do/what actions can you take in 2015 to invite your word into your life?

Physical: My health is effected by my job and I have been dreaming for awhile now about leaving it, so now I am doing just that. Also I want to learn to be a healthier person so I am going to really work on that this year.

Spiritual: My spiritual journey is a journey I need to take more often than I do. This is something else I will need to work on. 

Creative: I kind of got away from being a creative person. I used to like to make cards and scrapbook but have let it fall by the wayside. But I have had a dream since I was a little girl to write a book so I am going to learn to be creative with words and not so much with paper as in the past. 

Emotional: My emotions tend to be all over the place. This year my dream is to have less stress, less tears and less anger. I want to be a happier more positive thinking person. 

Relationships: My relationship with my husband is very good. My daughter and I also have a nice relationship. What i want to work on is the relationship with my son. He is turning into a hermit and I would like to help him not do that and to have more fun with him. I also find myself resenting the relationship with my parents because they tend to be negative thinking and say things that hurt. I am not sure if they even know they are doing it. so I would like to get back to a better place with them and not hold they way they act or think against them. 

What are you filling your world with?
Right now I am trying to fill my world with positive thoughts. I am making a big change in my life  so I am also trying to embrace that and remind myself I am doing the right thing. 

Where are you going?
I feel as if I am going up. I am leaving a job that has done nothing but bring me down. So by leaving it I can go no where but up. This is will be a big but good change for me. 

What one little thing can you do to take the next step in connecting with your word?
Never give up on my dreams and don't let anyone bring me down or crush them. Always dream big. 


  1. Dream is one of the most beautiful words. It's so exciting to follow your dreams. I'm very happy for you that you're getting to find a new job and start writing your novel.

  2. Love the visual quote about letting go to move forward :)