Monday, February 23, 2015

Currently - February 2015

This blog post is brought to you by Kristin at Rukristin (click here to visit). I like her idea of telling your story one week at a time. I am going to tweek mine a little and tell you my story one month at a time and give you a recap at the end of the month. So here goes my first installment of Currently.


I have my regular shows that I love to watch a few of those that are on right now are Downton Abbey, Black Sails, Vikings, Reign, Rehab Addict, Flea Market Flip, Property Brothers and last but not least Big Bang Theory. I have also found a few new shows that I want to try. They are Renovate to Rent, DaVinci's Demons and Fixer Upper. I really enjoy watching things that are historical themed and from HGTV. 


I just started The Pharaoh's Daughter by Mesu Andrews. This book is to be published on March 17th. I have the pleasure of reading an advance copy. This is the story of Anippe - sister to King Tut and finds Moses floating in the Nile. To find out more about this book check out Amazon (click here). Yesterday I finished An Affair Downstairs by Sherri Browning. I really loved this book. It is the second book in the Thornbrook Park series. The first book is Thornbrook Park. If you are a fan of Downton Abbey type books then this is a book for you. I think Sherri does a great job with her writing. To find out more about this book check out Amazon (click here)


I am going to start this one to tell you that I am not a big music person so I don't just sit down and listen to music. I do like music but am not considered a music lover. With that being said I am looking forward to finding Tim McGraw's tribute to Glenn Campbell online today so I can listen to it. As I am writing this I am catching up on listening to some podcasts. I found out about podcasts right before I left work so now I have to make a point to stop and listen to them. Today I am listening to Elise Gets Crafty. Even though I do not craft anymore I still enjoy listening to her. She talks about more than just crafts she also talks about blogging and small business. I think she has so many good ideas and is interesting to listen to. To find out more about her you can check out her blog Enjoy It (click here) and her show notes are available at Elise Joy Podcast (click here). I hope you give her a chance. Stayed tuned next month for another podcast that I enjoy. 


I have pretty much stopped crafting so I really don't make anything anymore. I think I just got a little burned out, had no one to craft with and wanted to do more reading. That is my list of excuses and I am sticking to it. So for making I am going to talk a little about food because I do still cook. I tried a couple of new recipes this month. The other night I made a pecan encrusted salmon with mashed cauliflower and we all loved it. It is nice to find a healthy way to eat that is also good tasting. Now the lime chicken that I made I did not care for so much. Rachel and Scott did not mind it and Matthew hated it. I need to tweek the recipe a little then I will try it again. This week I am going to make enchiladas but instead of the normal ground beef that I would use I am going to make them with chicken. We are trying to learn how to eat healthier so I am on the lookout for new things to make. 


This is an emotional thing to write about. Today I feel a little grumpy. I am not sure what is up with me the last two days but I seem to have a little anger and don't know why. Since I am aware of it I am trying not to snap at my family. I recently quit my job and I am happy to not have that stress anymore it is hard to go to from being gone twelve hours a day to being home all the time. Last week I tried to keep myself busy each day but now I am running out of things to do so I feel bad because Scott is getting up and going to work while I sit here. Hopefully within the  next few days I will be able to start doing some of the things Scott needed my help with and one of the reasons I quit my job. 


I need to start doing more planning in my life. I really want to start doing more blogging and I just need to plan what I want to write about on what days. The old saying comes to mind Just Do It. I am also planning on starting 30 Days of Lists on March 1st as well as the March edition of One Little Word. Of course I also have many book reviews due in the month of March


You and use this topic for so many things. The obvious thing that I love is my family. With that being said I love my husband for allowing me and encouraging me to leave my job. He knew how hard it was for me to stay there and what is was doing to me emotionally and physically that he knew it would be better if I left there. I am loving the chocolate mint candy that I got from the British Shoppe. The candy comes from England and is so good, it is a dark chocolate  with a mint filling. I am not supposed to eat chocolate but at times I really want a piece and this is something that I can eat one square of and be satisfied. The candy is called Fry's Peppermint Cream. I have also found two kinds of granola that I can't get enough of. Most granolas are two hard for me so I end up not enjoying them, but this has just the right amount of crunch. They are Chex Granola Mix - Mixed Berry and Quaker Real Medley - Summer Berry. 

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