Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year

This year I want to do a better job at journaling a little bit each day. So let's start with day one of the new year. Each day I am going to be using journaling prompts so you will never know what I may write about. 

If I could travel back in history where would I go?

I would like to go to more than one time period in history. I have always loved the 1800s, to me the women that lived then were strong as they had to survive without all of the conveniences that we have today. Yes I know they did not know what they were missing because they did not exist but still it would be hard especially if you traveled back and now do not have what you are used to. Also if I lived in this time period there are a number of people I would like to talk to if I had the chance. Thomas Jefferson - his love of books always amazes me, Laura Ingalls Wilder - everyone knows she has always been my idol and Sacajawea - I would like to hear about her travels with Lewis and Clark.  It must have been amazing if you lived in the late 1800s to see all of the changes that were coming to this country, like electricity and automobiles for two. I am not sure I would like it once I got back there but I would like to think that I could survive and be as tough as the women that lived then. 

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