Tuesday, January 6, 2015


I have been following Heather Buchman on Facebook. She has started a group called Create an Amazing Life Goal Setting Planning Group. This group was started to help us all set our goals and to work towards completing them. All with the help and support of some great people. If you would like to check out this group and join in just check out her Facebook page by clicking here.

I will be doing a post every now and again to work through this process. Some posts may be real in depth and others not so much. So hear we go. 

What was your greatest triumph in 2014? For me one of my greatest accomplishments was my husband and I celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. It has at times taken some work but I am proud to day I have been married to my best friend. We celebrated by taking our long past due honeymoon to Key West. It was a very nice and relaxing time. 

What are 10 things you accomplished in 2014 and are proud of? Thinking more positively, listening to self help audio books, less road rage, thinking of some dreams and goals, blogging more often, taking a trip to Nebraska, organizing my books, purging my scrapbooking things, giving up pop and chocolate, and seeing my daughter graduate high school. 

Lessons you have learned in 2014? It is a less stressful ride if you don't get so angry at the other drivers, you feel better if you think more positively, it was easier to give up pop than I thought it would be and do not stress/worry so much when there is nothing you can do about it. 

What was the smartest decision you made in 2014? One of the smartest decisions I made last year was to give up pop. I was told I had to do this for health reasons but I am so glad I did. There are times I miss it but I like not having toothaches or worse acid problems if I would have continued drinking it. I am also glad that I went to a doctor about my acid reflux problem as I found out things that can help with it and to know that it was a lot worse than I thought and that I have a heital hernia. I am now doing better with my issue. 

What is great about you right now? What skills do you have that you look forward to using? What hobbies are you good at? What about you is going to drive you to reach your goal? A great thing about me is that I can be stubborn enough to complete what I put my mind to. I am an avid reader and blog about books so I feel this will help me to reach one of my goals. I would love to write a book and with all that I read and my practice in writing I feel as if this is an obtainable goal for me. My determination will keep me working towards this goal. 

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