Wednesday, December 31, 2014

One Little Word - December 2014


Change that was the word I chose for 2014 as there were some changes I wanted to make in my life. 

Facts - I did work on changing things in my life even though some were hard. There are some things I will continue to work on. Thinking positive was a big change I wanted to make. I have not done bad with this but I need to be better. Stop drinking pop was a very good change for me and am happy I did it. 

Feelings - Change can be very hard at times but the reward is worth every minute of it. My goal is to continue on the path I started. 

As I say goodbye to this year, I want to remember the good things I have changed. Looking for the bright side, smile more, eating less junk food, no road rage, no pop, and being aware of what I need to change and working towards my goals. 

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