Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December Daily 2014 - Days 25 -

Day 25:
Bucket List

I started a scrapbook years ago with twenty wishes in it, which is the same thing as a bucket list. Some things are large and some are small. I enjoy adding things to my list as well as taking them off. Here are a few things from my list.

Climb to the top of a lighthouse - I have tried twice but my fear of heights has gotten the best of me, but I did make it to the top of the tower at the fort in Key West

See both my kids graduate - last May I completed this task as my daughter graduated. Now on to college

Meet Tim McGraw, Brett Favre and their spouses - One day I hope to get to me at least one of these people. I think Tim and Faith are such down to earth people and as for Brett I love the Green Bay Packers and enjoyed watching him play.

Travel to Europe - I will be dreaming of this until the day I die. There are many places I want to see in Europe - Italy/Venice/Rome/Tuscany - France/Paris - Norway - Germany - Ireland - Scotland - England to name a few

Write a book - this I will be working on in 2015. 

Day 26
Pay it forward

I have heard about people doing the pay it forward thing but have not done it myself nor have I been a receiver of this. My dad did have this happen to him this year. In a store he was looking at a chair and someone out of the blue bought it for him. It makes it so now he does not have to sit in a wheelchair day in and day out. One day I myself am going to do something for someone. Some ideas - pay for the person in line behind you, help someone in need,  or pay a compliment to the cashier.

Day 27
Women I respect

There are a few women that I enjoy reading about because I think they are very independent and strong. Here are the women I look up to. Laura Ingalls Wilder - to me she had to be strong to travel to a land that was undeveloped and start a new life with her family and then in her later years she became an accomplished author. Helen Keller - she overcame her struggles with blindness and deafness to write book as well as she was a public speaker and traveler. Coco Chanel - she started out with nothing being left in an orphanage to be raised to become a fashion icon who to this day is still widely known. 

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