Tuesday, December 30, 2014

December Daily - 2014 - Day 1 and 2

I saw that a lot of people were participating in this project so it got me wondering what it was all about. When I saw it was all about making memories, I thought what a good idea. Most people do their's as a form of a scrapbook but I am choosing to do mine a little different by journaling each day. I will be playing catch up here on my blog but I have all of my journal entries in a book. 

Day 1
Write a letter to Santa

Dear Santa, 

It has been a long time since I have written a letter to you so I hope you have not forgotten me. I have tried to be good this year but some days it is hard. One thing I have been trying to do is to be more positive and think of happy things. Here are some things I would like for Christmas - The Happiness Project - one line a day journal, bubble bath from Bath & Body Works, and a gift certificate to buy books. If I could truly have anything I really wanted then I would like to to Green Bay and watch a Packers Game, travel to Europe and meet Tim McGraw & Faith Hill. I hope you have safe travels when you are delivering presents to all the kids this year. 


Day 2
Today I am going to write about decorating

For years I have been putting up my tree on Thanksgiving day or the day after and trying to keep it up until New Years. The reason I did this was because my grandpa Newcomb always put their tree up on Thanksgiving day and I guess I wanted to keep his tradition alive as I got older and had my own family. The New Year comes into play because it is an old wives tale that it is bad luck to take it down any sooner. 

This year I am a little slow as here it is a week after Thanksgiving and my tree is not up yet. (I wrote this a few weeks ago and am just now posting) I do not know why but I just can't seem to get int he mood to do it. I am going to shoot for this weekend. 

Now on to decorations for the tree. Mine have always been a hodge podge of ornaments. I bought my ornaments randomly and they all have a meaning to them, like my Woody Woodpecker is a cartoon I like to watch, Santa in a VW because Scott likes Volkswagons, Spiderman for Matthew, and a baby bear in a basket for the year Rachel was born, oh and I have snowmen with all of my nieces and nephews names on them. The last few years though I have not used these as Rachel wanted to just do colored balls. So one year we had Tiffany blue and silver, then brown and green and this year purple, black and white. I am even thinking of doing a green and gold tree one year for the Packers. 

As for other decorations, I have a few knick-knacks that I like to put out. One of my favorites is a ceramic Santa with Holland on it. I also have a handmade wreath that was given to me that I like. One thing that I do miss is my Christmas village. When I moved here to Florida I gave my sister the Christmas village and my brother Halloween village. It is nice to look at them though. 

I do not put up lights outside but do enjoy going to look at other's houses. 

We also hang stockings on the fireplace and still fill them for the kids. 

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