Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December Daily 2014 - Days 18 - 20

Day 18: 
Joy is

Joy is spending time with family
Joy is buying a new book
Joy is reading the day away
Joy is seeing my nieces and nephews
Joy is seeing the sunshine
Joy is a lazy day
Joy is smelling the ocean
Joy is laughing with your husband
Joy is being loved
Joy is giving
Joy is a cuddly kitten
Joy is seeing a cardinal
Joy is hearing the birds sing
Joy is a nice song

Day 19:

Loving the moment
Loving life
Loving reading
Loving nature
Loving sunshine
Loving laughter
Loving visiting
Loving family
Loving memories

Day 20:
Things that make me think of Christmas

Twinkling lights
Jingle Bells
Frosty the Snowman
Pine trees
Gingerbread houses and people
Gum/spice drops
Trans Siberian Orchestra
Snowflakes and sparkles
Santa Claus
Holly berries

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