Tuesday, December 30, 2014

#30 Days of Lists - December 2014 - Days 19 - 22

Day 19
Things I'll never regret

Getting Married
Having Kids
Helping raise my nieces
Learning to read
Going to see grandma at the nursing home
My tattoo
Going to the Keys

Day 20 
Favorite moments of the week/month

My trip to Key West 
Talking to Kayla
Seeing pictures of David and Sophia
Watching Rachel dress up Peepers and Tiny
Decorating for Christmas

Day 21
My version of "fancy" involves

jeans - cowboy boots - nice shirt
having a library
driving a vw passat or audi
having my dream house
not "having" to work
not worrying about money

Day 22
My to do list

update journaling blog
finish reading my book
starting writing my book
set my goals
update planner
eat healthier 
start exercising. 

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