Wednesday, November 26, 2014

#30 Days of Lists - Number 24 - 30 (Final catch up)

Number 24 - My favorite authors

Sheila Roberts
Diana Gabaldon
Laura Ingalls Wilder
Robyn Carr
Louisa May Alcott
L.M. Montgomery
Laura Childs
Philippa Gregory

Number 25 - What balance means to me

Being happy
Being healthy
Having a sweet and salty snack
Milk and cookies

Number 26 - Rules for traveling with me

Don't complain
Bring snacks
Bring something to keep you busy
No loud music
Be nice
No yelling/fighting

Number 27 - I am thankful for 

My husband
My kids
My family
My eyes
My books
My job
My hobbies/collections
Cell phones

Number 28 - This time next year

I will be self employed
I will have a book written
I will be debt free
I will be more positive
I will be happier
I will be successful

Number 29 - Accomplishments I am most proud of

My paralegal degree
My collection of books
My kids
My husband
My crafting

Number 30 - On my mind today

My husband
My kids
My job
My life
My family
My goals 
My future

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