Saturday, September 6, 2014

#30 Lists - Day 6 - September 2014 - Every night before I go to bed

Every night before I go to bed:

I kiss my husband three times
I get a drink of water
Put my book on my night stand
Put on my sleeping pj's
Tell the kids good night
Tell Blue Cat it is time for bed
Turn on the night light
Turn off the lamp and tv
Say my prayers

#30 Lists - Day 5 - September 2014 - Things to nurture this month

Things to nurture this month:

My family
My self esteem
My positive thinking
My blogs
My reading time

#30 Lists - Day 4 - September 2014 - Projects to finish this month

Projects to finish this month:

Our business plan
Reading my writing book
Reading my health book
Take my online courses
Organize more of the house
September part of the Happiness Project
August and September One Little Word Projects
Complete vision board
Set goals

#30 Lists - Day 3 - September 2014 - If I had and extra hour in the day

If I had and extra hour in the day:

I would read more
I would journal more
I would relax a little
I would write
I would take a long bubble bath

#30 Lists - Day 2 - September 2014 - I Can't Pass Up

I can't pass up:

A good book
A fun magazine
New to me tea flavors
Cheese popcorn
A bookstore
Ink Pens
Post Cards

#30 Lists - Day 1 - September 2014 - Today is brought to you by

Today is brought to you by:

Good Times
Home Grown Tomatoes
Beautiful Weather
Family Reunion
Hugs and Kisses