Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Thank you ....

I saw a post about writing thank you notes and have been reading and hearing about thank you notes in the motivational seminars I have been listening too. It is a good practice to say thank you for things in your own world no matter what it may be. Also if you have seen Jimmy Fallon he does a funny skit on his late night show where he writes out thank you notes. So I have been wanting to start a post where I write thank notes. I hope to make this a reoccurring post on here. So here goes.

Thank you sunshine for being bright and cheery.

Thank you books for providing me with entertainment.

Thank you Marci Shimoff for helping me to learn how to be a happier person.

Thank you You Tube for having audio books for me to listen to while working.

Thank you Jack Canfield for teaching me how to work on my self esteem.

Thank you to myself for having an open mind to learn new ways to change yourself.

This week I am going to link this post up to A Harvest of Blessing's (click here) blog post Jack of All Trades. Be sure to check out her post to find some more great blogs to follow.


  1. hi i'm coming over from the link up! such a great idea to cultivate daily gratitude. and i'll have to look up that fallon skit - love his stuff!
    Whitney @ Journey Mercies

  2. Love this idea! =) I have seen the skit by Jimmy Fallon, and it always makes me smile. =)