Tuesday, July 8, 2014

One Little Word - June

The prompt for the month of June is called Progress - this way we can remember that we are a work in progress. Ali has given us a list of questions to answer - so here goes:

In one or two words describe your OLW experience has been so far: Challenging

What has surprised you most so far this year? I think one thing that has surprised me most is that I have become so ope to learning and listening. When I first started I wanted to be more positive thinking. I have since found motivational speakers that are helping me learn how to change and become the person I want to be.

What are you most proud of related to your word? I think I am proud that I have taken the steps to learn how to change. As well as I have been more open to doing new things to help myself. In the past I would not have been open to listening or reading things by motivational speakers and now I look forward to it and tell everyone about the people I listen to.

Three things you've enjoyed about your word:

  1. Trying to look on the upside of things
  2. Less road rage (a big step for me)
  3. willingness to learn how to and to change
Three challenges you've faced related to your word:

  1. Being positive in a negative work place and home
  2. Staying focused on bad days
  3. Giving up old habits and ways of thinking
Has this word had an impact on your relationship with others? I would say yes somewhat. My husband and I are learning to communicate better and I don't let as much get to me so I am learning to have a better relationship. I am trying to also have a better relationship with my kids. Baby steps.

Often in this process there are companion words that join us on our walk with our words. Are there any specific words that keep popping up in your journey this year? One thing that keeps popping up for me is positive. This is a lot on part because I want to be a more positive person. Not only in my thinking but in my actions.

Have you developed any specific practices related to your word? Do you have something you say to yourself over and over or an action you take to help bring your actions in alignment with your word? I am trying very hard to look for the good in situations, trying to breath when I get upset are two things I am trying very hard to do. I also try to look for positive sayings that can help me. One of the best things is listening to my motivational speakers to help me learn.

What is stopping you from fully embracing your word and your intentions for yourself this year? My own attitude is the big things that gets in my way as well as certain environments that I can not remove myself from at this time.

What one specific action will you take this month to move forward? I want to try and complain less in fact I would like to try and challenge myself to go a whole day without complaining. It will be hard but also such an accomplishment if I could do it.

Three things you'd like to accomplish by the end of the year?

  1. No complaining or at least minimal
  2. Find the good in all things
  3. Be open minded
Anything else you want to document about your word right now? I am very glad I picked this word - change - as it is very important to me to become a more positive person and not be such a negative person.

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