Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Happiness Project - July

For this month Gretchen tells us to "Buy Some Happiness - Money" The suggestions she gives us to do this are: indulge in a modest splurge, buy needful things, spent out, give something up. Gretchen also tells us that money can help buy happiness if you use it wisely. I am not sure what I think about this as I know there are a lot of very rich people that are not happy but I also know that if you have some money you would not be as stressed about things liked bills and could take vacations and do other things that would make you happy. So I guess in my book it can be a catch 22.

Indulge in a modest splurge - here are some ways in which to do this:

  • For health and energy - make the choice to buy a healthy lunch even if it costs more to eat better. 
  • For relationships - doe something nice for someone you love.
  • For work - buy something nice you will use like nice pens
  • For others - donate to a charity you are passionate about
  • For happy memories - take pictures of happy occasions
Money spent wisely, can support happiness goals of strengthening relationships, promoting health, having fun, and all the rest.  Some other examples of a modest splurge that other people have done are buy a set of good knives and get rid of the cruddy cheap ones, buy new pillows to help you get a good nights rest, get a pet, buy a set of collector books.

Buy needful things - make sure you have things you need like toothpaste and toilet paper do not under buy or you will stress that you may run out and you have to make frequent trips to the store. In the same aspect do not over buy just simply buy what you need to you are happy and comfortable.

Spend out - do not be a hoarder of your things, in other words if you have nice stationery do no save it for the right time to use it just use it now. Get rid of broken things that you will not get fixed or if it is cheaper to buy new rather than fix the broken. Don't save your ideas for later - do them now. The most important meaning of spend out is not to be a score keeper, not to stint on love and generosity. When one loves, one does not calculate - don't think about the return.

Give something up - As Gretchen says "sometimes something that makes you happy also makes you unhappy" For example shopping - you get a kick out of buying but once you are home the happiness changes to remorse or guilt. One thing I have given up is coke. I no longer drink any kind of pop and feel very happy that I have done this. So think of something you want to give up, no matter if it is a bad habit, buying something anything as long as it is something you feed good about.

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