Monday, July 21, 2014

Grateful Heart Monday

I am sorry I missed last week's installment of Grateful Heart Monday but I am glad to be back for this weeks.

This week I am grateful for the support of my family and friends. I have made a big decision to go out on a limb and try something I have only dreamed about. What you ask am I doing well let me tell you. I have had a dream since I was a little kid to write a book so I am taking the plunge and doing just that. The plan is for it to be a historical fiction book set in my home town in Nebraska. I have a couple of other ideas as well but I am pretty sure this is the one I am going for. I was so excited the night I made up my mind to do this that I could not sleep.

Another thing I am grateful for is my change in attitude. I have been working on changing my life as you all well know. Without my open mind I have learned to have and am still learning to have I would not be able to do the book, try a new craft (zentangle), be on the road to happiness and so much more. There are so many great motivational speakers I am grateful to for teaching me how to go on this journey and to continue on with it the rest of my life.

I am also grateful that my grandam is going to be going home from rehab tomorrow. She fell awhile back and had to be in the hospital and then rehab. It did her well to be in the rehab and when I visited her last week she looked very good. She will be 89 this Friday and I am grateful to still have her around. She is last of my grandparents living.

What are you grateful for this week?

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Circle July - What's in my bag

For the month of July the prompt for the circle is what's in my bag. This link up is brought to us by Paint Chip Madness (click here) be sure to stop by and link up.

Here is a picture of my purse. Sorry the quality is not great. I do not like spending a lot of money on purses so I usually just end up with a cheap thing I find but I happened to be in a store call Ross and they sell named brand things at discounted prices and I found this Tommy Hilfiger purse and fell in love. I like that is has two end pockets and two side pockets as well as a zippered pocket inside.

Here is a peak at the inside of my purse. I suffer from migraines and allergies so I carry my prescriptions for both with me, I have a brush, comb and headband as you never will know when you need them, I have my wallet which I love that hold the checkbooks and all cards, the zippered pouch holds any headache relief you would need, lol, tylenol, ibprophen, aspirin and glucose tablets as I have hypoglycemia, I have a thing to hold pictures of my family, q-tips, bandaids, and dental floss. Oh and I almost forgot I have body spray and a sewing kit in case you are in need. Can you tell I am a mom. 

Here is a view of one of my end pockets. In this end pocket I have a pencil, pen, not one but two notebooks, address book, kleenex, and a cloth to clean my glasses. The other end pocket I use to hold my cell phone. One side pocket has about three pens and a pen-sized flash light and the other side pocket has a book light, chapstick and stick tabs that I thought were cute but keep forgetting I have.

Here is a view of some of the junk I mentioned I have in my purse. My notebook, pen, flashlight, book light, sticky tabs and sewing kit. 

This was a fun post. I am glad I participated. I hope you do too.

The Circle - June - Throwback Thursday of Sorts

June's link up was to do a Throwback Thursday of sorts. This blog of mine has not been going for too long so I am going to include some of my favorite posts from both this blog and my book review blog Griperang's Bookmarks (click here to visit)

I enjoyed writing this post about Jim Rohn and my introduction into motivational speakers Motivational speakers like or hate that (click here to read)

This was a post I wrote about goals and dreams Goals lists and dreams oh my (click here to read)

This was one of my favorite posts so far that I have wrote and it was part of my Grateful Monday posts that I do. Grateful Heart Monday (click here to read)

Here is a review of Thornbrook Park by Sherri Browning - I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to the rest of the series. click here to read the review

Here is my review of The Prayer Box by Lisa Wingate - This is by far one on the best books I have read in my life. click here to read the review

Laura Childs is one of my favorite authors and she writes three different cozy mystery series. I was lucky enough to interview her for my blog. Click here to read the interview

Found It! #8

It has been awhile since I have done a Found It! post so I thought it was about time. So here goes:

Blogs I have found:

Elah Tree - This is a neat little blog about lifestyle, dreams and faith

Stratejoy - This is a blog to help learn to love your life

T-shirt & Jeans - A woman's blog on how she keeps her life simple

Live and Love Work - This blog will help you to love your work and teach you how to reach your goals

The Change Blog - This blog is just what it says, it will help you to change your life

Ember Grey - This blog is a fun blog to follow and join in on her Grateful Mondays

Books I have found:

The French House by Don Wallace - this book is about an American couple who buys a house in France and re-does it. I am not giving the book a justice description so please read more about it by clicking here (Amazon)

Benedict Hall by Cate Campbell - this book is about the Benedict family and their life in their mansion. Please read more about it by clicking here (Amazon)

Love Does by Bob Goff - this book is about discovering an extraordinary life in an ordinary world. Please read more about it by clicking here (Amazon)

Bittersweet, Cold Tangerines and Bread and Wine all three by Shauna Niequest - these three books are about living life. Please read more about each of them by clicking on the following links from Amazon Bittersweet Cold Tangerines Bread and Wine

Packing Light by Allison Vesterfelt - this book is about learning to life your life without carring around all the baggage - you can read more about it by clicking here (Amazon)

Sayings I found:

The greatest value is not what you get but what you become

Everything effect everything - nothing stands alone

It's not what happens that determines your future it is what you do about it

You cannot change the seasons but you can change yourself

Learn to reap in the harvest without complaint

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

52 Lists - weeks 14, 15, and 16

Interior Designer/Decorator 
Wedding Planner
Professional Student

Live Laugh Love

The greatest value is not what you get but what you become.

Plant smiles, Grow Laughter, Harvest Love

Everything affects everything - nothing stands alone.

A negative mind will never give you a positive life

It's not what happens that determines your future it is what you do about it.

She turned her can'ts into cans and her dreams into plans

You cannot change the seasons but you can change yourself.

If your going to dream - dream big

Learn to reap in the harvest without complaint.

There are only two ways to live your life. One is a though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is. Albert Einstein

Live Simple, Dream Big, Laugh Lots, Be Amazing, Give Love

Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds, you can grow flowers, or you can grow weeds.

Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
Outlander by Diana Gabaldon (whole series)
Into the Wilderness by Sara Donati (whole series)
Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder (whole series)
Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery (whole series)
The Prayer Box and The Story Keeper by Lisa Wingate
Thornbrook Park by Sherri Brownling
Keepsake Crimes by Laura Childs (whole series)
Murphy's Law by Rhys Bowen (whole series)
Virgin River by Robyn Carr (whole series)
Better than Chocolate by Sheila Roberts (whole series)
The White Queen by Philippa Gregory (whole series)
The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett
The Midwife by Gay Courter
Morgan's Run by Colleen McCullough

One Little Word - July

This month Ali has challenged us to stop thinking and start doing - what a great challenge.

  1. Pick one action that is something just for you. This is a little challenging for me - but may be it should be to allow myself some quiet time just to reflect on myself and to think about what I want to change about me. So I need to figure out how much time and how often I want to do this.
  2. Pick one action where you give to someone else. This is so ironic that this is a challenge as the other night my son opened up to me about some depression issues he is having. I am going to help him and have him learn along with me on how to be happy with yourself and then to learn to be happy in the rest of the areas of your life. So my action is to be my son's cheerleader.
  3. Celebrate something. I want to celebrate the baby steps I am taking to change my life. It takes time to change so I need to celebrate each and every step in this journey I am on. 
I want to start using my word more and more in my daily life. This is very important to me. 

One Little Word - June

The prompt for the month of June is called Progress - this way we can remember that we are a work in progress. Ali has given us a list of questions to answer - so here goes:

In one or two words describe your OLW experience has been so far: Challenging

What has surprised you most so far this year? I think one thing that has surprised me most is that I have become so ope to learning and listening. When I first started I wanted to be more positive thinking. I have since found motivational speakers that are helping me learn how to change and become the person I want to be.

What are you most proud of related to your word? I think I am proud that I have taken the steps to learn how to change. As well as I have been more open to doing new things to help myself. In the past I would not have been open to listening or reading things by motivational speakers and now I look forward to it and tell everyone about the people I listen to.

Three things you've enjoyed about your word:

  1. Trying to look on the upside of things
  2. Less road rage (a big step for me)
  3. willingness to learn how to and to change
Three challenges you've faced related to your word:

  1. Being positive in a negative work place and home
  2. Staying focused on bad days
  3. Giving up old habits and ways of thinking
Has this word had an impact on your relationship with others? I would say yes somewhat. My husband and I are learning to communicate better and I don't let as much get to me so I am learning to have a better relationship. I am trying to also have a better relationship with my kids. Baby steps.

Often in this process there are companion words that join us on our walk with our words. Are there any specific words that keep popping up in your journey this year? One thing that keeps popping up for me is positive. This is a lot on part because I want to be a more positive person. Not only in my thinking but in my actions.

Have you developed any specific practices related to your word? Do you have something you say to yourself over and over or an action you take to help bring your actions in alignment with your word? I am trying very hard to look for the good in situations, trying to breath when I get upset are two things I am trying very hard to do. I also try to look for positive sayings that can help me. One of the best things is listening to my motivational speakers to help me learn.

What is stopping you from fully embracing your word and your intentions for yourself this year? My own attitude is the big things that gets in my way as well as certain environments that I can not remove myself from at this time.

What one specific action will you take this month to move forward? I want to try and complain less in fact I would like to try and challenge myself to go a whole day without complaining. It will be hard but also such an accomplishment if I could do it.

Three things you'd like to accomplish by the end of the year?

  1. No complaining or at least minimal
  2. Find the good in all things
  3. Be open minded
Anything else you want to document about your word right now? I am very glad I picked this word - change - as it is very important to me to become a more positive person and not be such a negative person.

Happiness Project - July

For this month Gretchen tells us to "Buy Some Happiness - Money" The suggestions she gives us to do this are: indulge in a modest splurge, buy needful things, spent out, give something up. Gretchen also tells us that money can help buy happiness if you use it wisely. I am not sure what I think about this as I know there are a lot of very rich people that are not happy but I also know that if you have some money you would not be as stressed about things liked bills and could take vacations and do other things that would make you happy. So I guess in my book it can be a catch 22.

Indulge in a modest splurge - here are some ways in which to do this:

  • For health and energy - make the choice to buy a healthy lunch even if it costs more to eat better. 
  • For relationships - doe something nice for someone you love.
  • For work - buy something nice you will use like nice pens
  • For others - donate to a charity you are passionate about
  • For happy memories - take pictures of happy occasions
Money spent wisely, can support happiness goals of strengthening relationships, promoting health, having fun, and all the rest.  Some other examples of a modest splurge that other people have done are buy a set of good knives and get rid of the cruddy cheap ones, buy new pillows to help you get a good nights rest, get a pet, buy a set of collector books.

Buy needful things - make sure you have things you need like toothpaste and toilet paper do not under buy or you will stress that you may run out and you have to make frequent trips to the store. In the same aspect do not over buy just simply buy what you need to you are happy and comfortable.

Spend out - do not be a hoarder of your things, in other words if you have nice stationery do no save it for the right time to use it just use it now. Get rid of broken things that you will not get fixed or if it is cheaper to buy new rather than fix the broken. Don't save your ideas for later - do them now. The most important meaning of spend out is not to be a score keeper, not to stint on love and generosity. When one loves, one does not calculate - don't think about the return.

Give something up - As Gretchen says "sometimes something that makes you happy also makes you unhappy" For example shopping - you get a kick out of buying but once you are home the happiness changes to remorse or guilt. One thing I have given up is coke. I no longer drink any kind of pop and feel very happy that I have done this. So think of something you want to give up, no matter if it is a bad habit, buying something anything as long as it is something you feed good about.

Happiness Project - June

Last month's task for the happiness project was "Make Time for Friends". This one is also a hard one for me as I am not an outgoing person nor do I have a ton of friends and never have. Although I will say I do have a new online pen pal and am looking forward to getting to know her better.

Some tips Gretchen gives us are: remember birthdays, be generous, show up, don't gossip, make three new friends.

Remember birthdays - go through your address book and ask everyone when their birthday is and put it on your calendar or use (which is what Gretchen uses) and then send a card to let them know you remember them.

Be generous - this does not mean to just buy something but also helping. Here are some way to be generous. Here are some ways that Gretchen tells us how to be generous

  • Help people think big - you can do this by encouraging them in what they are doing and with their goals. Be a cheerleader for them. "One of the best ways to make yourself happy is to make other people happy. One of the best ways to make other people happy is to be happy yourself." 

  • Contribute in your way - be yourself help your friends out with something that you are good at doing. For example Gretchen is good at organizing so she helped a friend organize a closet

  • Cut people slack - people's lives are more complicated then what we see on the outside. Do not judge people harshly especially on the first time you meet them. 

Show up - Woody Allen says 80% of success is showing up. If your friend has a new baby - visit, sick - visit, important event - show up.

Don't gossip - this is a good one because nothing good comes out of gossiping.

Make three new friends - Gretchen made a checklist for herself to help with first impressions to help her make three new friends. Here is the list:

  • Smile more frequently
  • Actively invite others to join a conversation
  • Create a a positive mood
  • Try to look accessible and warm
  • Open a conversation
  • Show a vulnerable side and laugh at yourself
  • Show a readiness to be pleased
  • Follow other's conversational leads
  • Ask questions
I am going to work on using this advise to try and make some new friends.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Grateful Heart Monday

Today I am grateful for being able to take today and tomorrow off from work to be with my daughter. She went to the oral surgeon and had all four of her wisdom teeth cut out. She did very well and I am proud of her. In the past I might have only taken off the first day and since she is old enough and my parents live with us I would have went on to work. But know I am learning to not take thing for granted and to be a happier person, so when my daughter asked me to stay home with her tomorrow I said absolutely. In the past I have picked my job over my kids and I am not doing it anymore. Even though my kids are 18 and 22 they still should be and will be the ones to come first. You can not replace your family but you can replace your job. I am learning how to change things and I have decided it is not too late as the saying goes better late than never.

So I guess I am also grateful this week for learning how to change and become the person I want to be. I am slowing learning how to be more positive person as well as a happier person. I am taking baby steps to learning this and am happy for each one. I have some books on tape, you tube videos of seminars and books that are helping me along the way and am grateful for each of these people that are helping me along the way.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Thank you ....

I saw a post about writing thank you notes and have been reading and hearing about thank you notes in the motivational seminars I have been listening too. It is a good practice to say thank you for things in your own world no matter what it may be. Also if you have seen Jimmy Fallon he does a funny skit on his late night show where he writes out thank you notes. So I have been wanting to start a post where I write thank notes. I hope to make this a reoccurring post on here. So here goes.

Thank you sunshine for being bright and cheery.

Thank you books for providing me with entertainment.

Thank you Marci Shimoff for helping me to learn how to be a happier person.

Thank you You Tube for having audio books for me to listen to while working.

Thank you Jack Canfield for teaching me how to work on my self esteem.

Thank you to myself for having an open mind to learn new ways to change yourself.

This week I am going to link this post up to A Harvest of Blessing's (click here) blog post Jack of All Trades. Be sure to check out her post to find some more great blogs to follow.

Grateful Heart Monday

I have to say this week has already been hard for me so I have been in a state of mind where I was trying to find something to be grateful for. One thing I need to remember for myself and to tell others that this is the best time to find something to be grateful for. We should not dwell on the negative but instead look for the positive. This is one of my biggest struggles. I am working on it but it takes baby steps.

So here is my grateful. I am grateful that I have my husband's and not just my own as my employer messed up and we did not get paid on time and had to go the whole weekend without a paycheck until Monday morning. There were other employees that were a lot worse off than me.

I am grateful for my husband's and friend at work's ear for me to bend when I need to be angry and then sad. For me I take such pride in my work and respect my employer and expect the same back from her. My employer has a very condensending (sp) way of talking to people and it cuts to your core when it is unnecessary. She just acts as if she is better than others and no one is better than someone else. My husband and co-worker know how she can be and help me to get over it.

I am grateful that I have missed two major accidents on the road the last two days on the way home. I am very sorry for the people involved in the accidents and their families. You never know when or what will happen to you.

I am grateful that I have a home to come home to and relax when the day is done. Tonight my husband and son are making supper to let me have the night "off". I am sure I will have to clean up after them but am happy to have a few minutes to relax before hand.

Last but not least this week, I am grateful for Ember Grey for doing this blog to make me stop and think about things I am grateful for even when you think things are not so great at this time. There is always something to be grateful for in your life.

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